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Brett’s Avatar
Brett May 11, 2016 1204 views

How do you begin looking for jobs after college?

I recently graduated as a psych major and am nervous about job searching. What is a good place to begin and what are some tips to help improve my chances of finding a job? #psychology #graduate #career-paths #time-management

Nokwanda Puleng’s Avatar
Nokwanda Puleng Jul 02, 2021 731 views

How to approach companies for internships and entry-level jobs

I am currently doing my Masters in Development Studies and are eagerly looking for internships #research #developmentstudies #graduate #women #NGO

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Oct 09, 2022 995 views

How do I write personal experience on a resume?

I am trying to apply for a fast food establishment for my first job. I know I can do the job but I don't know how to express that on a resume. I only have personal experience. I want to get my first job and gain some work experience. I hope someone can help me and teach me something new. Isn't...