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Kashish’s Avatar
Kashish Mar 06, 2023 619 views

What skills do businessmen require ?

I’m a junior in high school and I want to go into business. What skills do I need to build or have in order to succeed in a field like business management?

Rowen’s Avatar
Rowen Mar 10, 2023 1476 views

how do I know if a college is good or not?

I am wondering if the colleges I have been looking at are a good education, how would I know this?

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Feb 27, 2023 738 views

How should I prepare to become a software engineer or a career in finance?

How should I prepare to become a software engineer or a career in finance?
Is a career in software engineering or in finance fulfilling and satisfying?
How do you work with other people in the same career group?

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Feb 24, 2023 431 views

What helped you to get your certificates?

take a program that certifies me in my career

Kathleen’s Avatar
Kathleen Feb 21, 2023 806 views

How do you know which career is right for you?

Should I just pick a career that can support me or make me happy?

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Feb 22, 2023 690 views

What to look for in a college...

How do I know what colleges to look at if I do not know what I want to major in? What should I look for in a college to know if it is right for me?