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Adalie’s Avatar
Adalie Aug 24, 2023 606 views

what types of training and classes will i need to attend to become a police officer?

i want to either become a police officer or sheriffs deputy. i am looking to find out what is needed of me to be able to be in this line of work.

sarah’s Avatar
sarah Jul 28, 2023 567 views

I want a job as a lawyer, but that takes up a lot of time in my life what other job options do i have?

i really would like to be a lawyer, though my parents and family don’t think i could, i also wanna spend time with my family in the future but being a lawyer takes up a lot of time and i feel like i wouldn’t have time to do that. I don’t want to be an absent mom in my kids life. What are some...

Sarai’s Avatar
Sarai Jul 27, 2023 363 views

How is Law School Like? Is there any program as a high schooler that i can join to learn more and have an experience?

I want to be a Criminal Justice Lawyer. I wanna enroll to programs but i don’t know where nor how. My school doesn’t really offer me the help i need to do this.

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Jul 25, 2023 753 views

What are some software skills that are used by Lawyers?

Do I need to have this do become a lawyer

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Jul 14, 2023 321 views

How can I become a sucessfull law student?

What are the traditional steps to becoming a lawyer?

Gertrude’s Avatar
Gertrude Jul 13, 2023 523 views

What does one need to become a lawyer ?

Like what materials, what college, and stuff like that

Vianey’s Avatar
Vianey Mar 17, 2023 419 views

What internships are good if I want to become an immigration lawyer?

I am a first year at Sjsu and want to go into law school later on. I want to do internships but I don’t know where to start. It’s been a dream of mine to become an immigration lawyer since elementary school in order to help out my community. I’ve been doing work with my community to learn how...

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Mar 09, 2023 511 views

How difficult is law school?

I just want to know how difficult law school is to prepare for it and to embrace what's coming.

marlo’s Avatar
marlo Feb 26, 2023 368 views

How do I become a lawyer??

How do I become a lawyer?

chase’s Avatar
chase Mar 03, 2023 324 views

How much schooling, and what are helpful college classes to become a lawyer?

I want to have a good job when i grow up

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 03, 2023 391 views

What opportunities exist in local communities to volunteer in facilities or events that expose students to the needs of folks with disabilities (physical, mental, learning, etc)?

This is a super important question and comes from our professionals series

FAITH’s Avatar
FAITH Feb 23, 2023 586 views

What jobs are available with a criminology degree?

I don't have a description

aries’s Avatar
aries Feb 27, 2023 292 views

What values do companies look for in a person that they are hiring as a Correctional Officer?

I am interested in becoming a correctional officer in the future and was wondering how I can become a strong candidate.