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Michelle Jun 07, 2023 269 views

What major in college is best if I am an aspiring dental student?

high school graduate

Ifra’s Avatar
Ifra Jun 08, 2023 236 views

What degrees are needed to become a dentist? And what are the most important subjects for a dentist?

I am in high school and I wanna know what subjects will help me become a dentist =)

brian’s Avatar
brian Jun 05, 2023 443 views

what all do i need to have knowledge of to be a head chef ?

give me some insight about being a head chef

Rie’s Avatar
Rie Jun 08, 2023 260 views

Do you need a license to start a business?

Do you need a license?

Anahi’s Avatar
Anahi May 18, 2023 411 views

how much money would I make as a business major?

I'm currently living in Michigan, but I plan to move to Florida in 3 years. The thing is that currently I'm a financially independent college student who comes from a low-income family, so I really need to know the answer to this question as my financial income is really important

Janice’s Avatar
Janice May 26, 2023 500 views

What entry level jobs can I do in the business field?

I do not know what roles I should consider looking into for the business field, whether it is accounting, human resources, or marketing, I have no clear direction at the moment. I am trying to find an entry level job currently, I have 0 experience so far.

Hilda’s Avatar
Hilda May 27, 2023 419 views

Are there any tips on getting your first internship? Are there any career recommendations based on my major and certifications?

I am a business management student in my junior year at college, and I am finding it extremely difficult to find any job opportunities. I am completing certifications on Udemy. Some are in marketing analytics and business analysis. I have no job experience besides being a former student...

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Jun 08, 2023 1221 views

College Tips?

What are some tips to get through my first years of college and maintaining good grades while managing stress? What are some studying tips to make sure I don't fail?