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Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Tampa, Florida
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ivan Jun 23, 2023 280 views

What should I do to better my chances of getting into a University?

Includes steps and reasonings and how I can better my chances

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 22, 2023 1144 views

What careers are most susceptible to AI takeover and is it likely to happen ?

Note: this is part of the professionals series where volunteers share questions they wish they saw on the platform!

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Darren Jun 22, 2023 289 views

Karma vs Reputation in Career Village?

What's the difference between karma and reputation on here?

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Brooklyn Jun 23, 2023 353 views

Do my odds of admission to top colleges increase by being a student athlete?

Does my athletic involvement increase my likelihood of acceptance?

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eyejay Jun 21, 2023 455 views

How do I make the most out of my computer science degree?

I am a incoming 3rd year computer science major, and I'm not sure ways other than getting good grades in my classes to reap the benefits of my degree in order to be successful with it for my future.

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Riana Jun 22, 2023 309 views

When is the best time to apply for colleges ?

When is the best time to apply for colleges ?