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Healthcare Support Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
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Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Aug 20, 2023 2798 views

What AP classes should I take if I want to work in the medical field?

Hi, I'm a ninth-grade student wanting to work in medicine. I am wondering if any AP courses are related to the medical field and if they would increase the chance of getting into a good college.

P’s Avatar
P Aug 20, 2023 259 views

How to choose the right career in college ?

I have no idea what I want to major in college.

da’s Avatar
da Aug 13, 2023 194 views

why is it so hard for me to pick what I want to do after highschool?

I am very stuck and dont know what to do.

ella’s Avatar
ella Aug 13, 2023 215 views

How do you find scholorships?

what websites should I start looking at?

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Aug 13, 2023 178 views

What are some ways that I could start making money online while I am still in high school?

I would like to only have actual in person jobs during the summer to focus more on school. But I would also still like to make money during the school year. I am not completely sure how, I would like some suggestions.

SSStudious’s Avatar
SSStudious Aug 08, 2023 190 views

How can I best prepare for an AP class before school starts?

I want to set myself up for success.

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Aug 08, 2023 178 views

How does one go about getting performance opportunities outside of school?

How does one go about getting performance opportunities outside of school?

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jul 20, 2023 273 views

What counts as experience?

From what I was told I have none and that experience is only gained by working a professional job is this true? If not what are some ways I may have already gained experience?

Carter’s Avatar
Carter Jul 20, 2023 225 views

Good jobs for kids

What are good jobs for kids around the age of 13

Joslyn’s Avatar
Joslyn Jul 20, 2023 179 views

How should I prepare my self in highschool for working in the medical field ?

I'll be a sophomore in highschool in August