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Richard Miller

Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Metuchen, New Jersey
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Haden Sep 22, 2023 218 views

How can I get a clearer idea of what careers I should go after?

I like writing, archery, and building,

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Giavonna Aug 26, 2023 604 views

How to make sure you will be financially stable?

Do you need to finish high school to be
financially stable? Or would getting your GED make you equally as successful and stable in the future? How long would just getting your ged take

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Aug 02, 2023 2373 views

What was your dream job as a child and what is your current job now?

Have your interests changed? How did you discover what job you truly wanted/was best for you? Do you have any regrets about where you are at right now?

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Jul 31, 2023 264 views

What is the best environmental job for me?

What would be the best job to go into? Recently I discovered my interest in protecting the environment and I’m a very math and science-oriented person. I want a job that can help in some kind of way, but will pay fairly well. Any ideas?

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allaya Jul 29, 2023 483 views

how many safety, target, and reach schools should someone apply to?

the title says it all so yeah

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maria Jul 22, 2023 300 views

How do you know you made a good decison on what to study for college?

When do you know what you actually want to do after college? For example, let's say I have options but I can't really decide between which one I would like more for my future.