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Chrestina’s Avatar
Chrestina May 14, 2016 1385 views

How many years should I study to become an ultrasound tech?

I´m interesting in being an ultrasound tech in the future. #doctor #ultrasound

manjunath’s Avatar
manjunath Jun 18, 2016 672 views

i want to become a traffic controller ?what subject i want to take! please guide my question

hi! I am manjuth from ghs jb nagar bengaluru #any #professional

Sairam’s Avatar
Sairam May 02, 2016 1247 views

What do you mean by coding how to make it

i should be a programmar at the age of 17 #coding #programmer

raju’s Avatar
raju May 05, 2016 1260 views

i want to become a administrative assistant/secretary? which subject i want to take!

hi! i am interested in administrative assistant/secretary please guide my career i am from ghs jb nagar bengaluru #any #professional

Alon’s Avatar
Alon May 14, 2016 865 views

What's the best way to earn or receive scholarships and grants in high school?

Concerned about the cost of graduate school #college

Maneesha’s Avatar
Maneesha May 24, 2016 612 views

When is the right time to take the SAT's and how many times should I take it?

I am a current junior in high school and I am taking the upcoming SAT on June 4, but wondering if I should take it another time. #sat

sameera’s Avatar
sameera Jun 23, 2016 1540 views

is there a course for stock exchange?

i want to pursue a career in stock exchange. What do i need to study for that? #stock-market #stocks-investing #stock-trading #bond #sharepoint

David ’s Avatar
David Jul 01, 2016 1009 views

How do I get into music production

I am a Sophomore Students in James lick High school. how do i get into music production. i want to be the next dj khaled #music #production

Sowmiya’s Avatar
Sowmiya Jun 25, 2016 714 views

how many degree want to become a docter

hi i am studing 10 std i want to become a doctor i want to know the answer #doctor

Rami’s Avatar
Rami Jul 01, 2016 910 views

How can i get into the music buisness

I have been rapping for 3 years now and I make music and I upload it to soundcloud #music #studio #hip-hop #rap #music-studios #soundcloud

Gayathrisri’s Avatar
Gayathrisri Jun 28, 2016 779 views

which college is now leading in engineering coaching?

my ambition is engineering #college #doctor #engineer #teaching #computer

Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina Jun 28, 2016 1837 views

What are some examples of questions asked in an interview?

Can you offer any examples of commonly asked questions in a job interview? Thank you! #job #interviews

Izaya ’s Avatar
Izaya Jul 01, 2016 933 views

how to become a beta tester

I am in high school and need help what do i do #game #video

Jeevitha’s Avatar
Jeevitha Jun 28, 2016 1270 views

How to become a Nurse?

my ambition is nurse #doctor #nurse

yashu’s Avatar
yashu Jul 01, 2016 848 views

what i want study for police

my self yashu i am studying 9 th std i have confused what i want to study so #teacher #professor #policy #good-friends