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Phil Reeves

Program Manager
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
New York, New York
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alonzo’s Avatar
alonzo Jun 10 495 views

what can i do to get in the tech industry?

hi i am Alonzo ..i would like to know how one can get into the tech industry

Phillip’s Avatar
Phillip Apr 11 575 views

How to make yourself marketable in career field you have no experience in

What would you recommend for someone who is attempting to make a complete career change into the IT/cyber space with no previous knowledge of it. I'm currently pursuing my BAS in cybersecurity but would like to take advantage of other opportunities to gain experience. I have two years left on...

Jaylynn’s Avatar
Jaylynn Apr 01 536 views

Which certifications are required or can help set you apart in this role?

How many years did it take to get to where you want be in the industry ?

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Mar 21 1054 views

What projects can I do using SQL to showcase my talent for resume purposes?

Hello, I'm a second year Pre-Business major at California State University, Fullerton looking to concentrate in Management Information Systems or Business Data Analytics. I have recently started to learn SQL using DataCamp and I was wondering what projects I can do to help improve my resume.

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Feb 21 758 views

How do I get started learning about technology?

Im in 10th grade. I am a beginner in this and open to taking summer classes. I think i would do better learning with a teacher/tutor rather watching videos on my own, but I will also try that, just wondering where I should start first!

jesicca’s Avatar
jesicca Jan 07 1221 views

What can I study with information technology, business,geography and mathematical literacy

When you want careers abroad

Quennaldria’s Avatar
Quennaldria Nov 28, 2023 446 views

I am graduating with a MS in Digital Financial Technology in two weeks, I have been in finance for over 10 years and don't want to start over. How can I find a new position that doesn't put me back at entry level?

I need help getting into my field without starting back at entry level.

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Oct 03, 2023 322 views

What are the biggest struggles while working as a Computer and Information Systems Manager?

My name is Justin, I live in Arizona, and I want to be a Computer and Information Systems Manager, but I have been wondering what the biggest struggles are while working as a Computer and Information Systems Manager. But I also wonder what the best school is to learn about Computer and...

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Aug 18, 2023 803 views

What are some actionable goals a junior PM/PO might have?

I recently got extended for a junior PM/PO based role. My manager asked my what types of goals I have in mind that they can help me achieve during my time in this position. The thing is I have reasons why I want to be a junior PM/PO but I don't really have specific goals in mind. I just want to...