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jonathan Aug 02, 2023 743 views

what kind of degrees do you need to be an FBI agent. and do you need money to accomplish that? and how what the payment rang from lowest to highest

I'm currently a student at job corps Sanjose I'm studying in sacerity but I'm not sure if I need to continue to collage or began in FBI academy

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jonathan Aug 01, 2023 322 views

as a chief whats the best position I can have that will pay the best and should I be my own business owner or look for opportunities that will get me the pay I'm looking for?

I'm interested in starting my business in fine dining. I'm more interested in the pay so I'm wondering if I would get paid any more or any less than if I worked for a bigger company than opening my business restaurant

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jonathan Aug 01, 2023 446 views

What's the best way to start in real estate and how much will a real estate business owner make themselves? and can you live of renting property to others

I'm currently looking in buying houses and or properties to rent on air b and b. how much will I need to start my own real estate business

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jonathan Jul 31, 2023 319 views

how much money will go into opening your own restaurant?

im 16 with not much money to my name so how much will I need to ask for from the bank and how much of that can I make up myself

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jonathan Jul 31, 2023 612 views

what does it take to start a THC restaurant?

I'm currently 16 hoping to bring a new dining experience to people that I can relate to.

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jonathan Jul 31, 2023 340 views

What does a typical day look like for a chef?

I'm a San Jose Job Corps student, studying culinary to become a Chef