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Tram’s Avatar
Tram Sep 25, 2023 372 views

When can you start college if you want to start the earlist time?

How is college for most people? Can every student who applies for a student loan get a loan? Is it benefical to go to college from your state or out of state?

Josee’s Avatar
Josee Sep 26, 2023 459 views

How can I find jobs in non-profit work ?

What tips do you have for people that want to go into non-profit finance?

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Sep 13, 2023 358 views

How do I decide what to do with my degree?

I am a fourth-year economics major and I am about to graduate in the Spring. My question is, how does one begin to figure out exactly what they want to do with their degree? I know I enjoy economics but there seems to be a million different things you can do with it. I just don't know where to...

Alice’s Avatar
Alice Aug 01, 2023 388 views

What types of languages should i know for data science?

I know python and some R but is java important to learn too

Aiyana’s Avatar
Aiyana Aug 15, 2023 453 views

How can I guarantee that I will get the job that I want ?

I want to be ready for when I graduate and I want to move out soon I need a steady income I want to make sure I get the right job and that I enjoy it

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Aug 26, 2023 336 views

What should I know before starting my own business How can I get a good scholarship through actions and not grades? When should I start applying to college? Should I start a business while in college or wait? How can I make business connections and life long friendships in college? What should I prepare as a backup plan? ?

I’m in 12 grade and, I’m really interested in higher education. I want to become more independent as I’m getting ready to graduate high school but, I don’t want to financially burden my parents while doing so. I have been putting aside money for college but don’t have nearly enough to pay for...

Whanezby’s Avatar
Whanezby Sep 09, 2023 354 views

How can I start investing?

How can I start investing?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Sep 06, 2023 276 views

What can i look into investing as a teen?

I am in my Junior year and am having trouble finding work