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John Feb 05 1109 views

Is it true that nearly 65% of all film directors only make 1 film in their whole life??

I recently read this statistic and it has shocked me. Am I doomed to only put one art piece into this world? The expectation for becoming a director is fame but still. I mean I want to make many movies and the idea of only being able to make one sounds completely hope-crushing. On the other end...

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Feb 06 733 views

How much do Film Makers tend to make?

How much do Film Makers tend to make?

Lyla’s Avatar
Lyla Feb 16 860 views

How do you stay financially stable with a career in the arts?

I am a sophmore in highschool beginning to prepare for my future. I am really creative and want to expirience new things everyday. I am very invested in the arts and would like to stay involved in them in some way. I fear that being involved will cause me to struggle in the future. Here I am...

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Gavin Feb 17 726 views

What can I Do to Break into the TV Writing Industry?

What can I do as an aspiring screenwriter to get my stories out there. I write all kinds of different things with relatable characters that touches on REAL topics of today. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!🎬