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Paul Loeb

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Korbin Apr 17 264 views

How do I get to my end goals ?

How do I get to my end goals? I'm struggling to understand the concept.

don’s Avatar
don Apr 17 556 views

How does coding works? How can I become a pro in one or two months?

I need an elaborate answer please and what are the carrier path and earnings

Akinterinwa’s Avatar
Akinterinwa Apr 09 679 views

How can I get a side gig or project while still learning frontend development?

Thanks to people that have answered my question in the past. I’ve tried platforms like Upwork and Fiverr and I see that you’ll need to have few reviews before you get hired. I and some other criteria too. This has been a very difficult one and I would so much appreciate probably if I could get...

Kieran’s Avatar
Kieran Apr 17 1045 views

What is the best roadmap for learning programming?

I have only a little bit of knowledge in Python and I'm interested in building projects so that I can have a portfolio to showcase to employers. I don't want to rely on online tutorials in order to program my projects.

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Apr 17 832 views

What degree should I study in school that will make me someone like Jeff Bezos?

What is the best course to study in the university?

How can I be better than my peer and be competent?

Why do I have to go to school to learn about computer science?