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Lok Yin Mar 31, 2018 1906 views

How to write cover letter?

I am planning to apply for a summer intern in Non-governmental organisation(NGO). However, they usually would not post recruitment notice. So how should I start in the opening of the cover letter? #ngos #cover-letters ##job-offer #human-resources #summer-internship #summer-jobs...

Prince’s Avatar
Prince Jan 17, 2018 667 views

What are ways I can succeed in getting internships?

I ma a Finance major and I wan to know ways I can succeed at getting internships during and after college? #finance #university

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Feb 06, 2017 660 views

How are classes organized in Europe?

Considering studying abroad in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Lithuania--how are classes run? Do classes have a list of assessments that grades are based off of, like in the US (quizzes, homework, exams)? #college #study-abroad

Jazmine Rose’s Avatar
Jazmine Rose Sep 01, 2017 839 views

How can I get over being so scared to speak in and in front of class?

I'm currently a junior in high school and I've always been assigned presentations. However, every time I step in front of the class I just feel my heart sink to the bottom of my chest. I also get very nervous to make eye contact while presenting. One of my fears is to be judged by classmates,...

Geryka’s Avatar
Geryka Sep 01, 2017 798 views

How can I manage my time better? I try my best but I know that it isn't good enough. I'm still running out of time 90% of the time!!!!

I need to improve my time management skills because this will definitely help me be better and more successful in life. I'm already having a hard time managing my time wisely in high school, I'm scared what could happen in college! Ahhhh! Help!
#help #timemanagement #highschool #college

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Sep 01, 2017 638 views

How do I expand my knowledge of animals if I can't get any on hand experience?

I currently want to expand my knowledge on animals. I have a livestock pig in which helps me on my hands on experience.But I want to expand on other animals like smal animals, and wild animals.Thank you! #animals #veterinary

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 01, 2017 946 views

How much does a writer make?

How much does a writer make? And what are the highlights of being a writer? And also some things that you have to do to become a writer? #journalism #writing


Anaka’s Avatar
Anaka Jul 11, 2017 853 views

Are UCAS points still relevant in the UK?

Is the emphasis entirely on grades now or do UCAS points still have some precedence? #UCAS #university