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Garrett B. Oct 22, 2015 601 views

What is a recommended college (in Texas) for my Bachelors degree in Architecture

Hello i am in 6th grade and I been looking into my degree as an Architect and want stay local. #masters...


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Balaji B. Apr 15, 2016 742 views

What are the various jobs available in this electronic field?

I choose electronic course in college. still i know the various job. #jobs #electronics...


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Sarah M. May 04, 2016 352 views

What is the best medical school?

What is the best school? Does it matter what school you attend to get a better job, in the future? #doctor #professor #nurse...


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Colin T. Jan 17, 2018 337 views
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Samira Z. Jan 22, 2018 388 views

How do you choose a career?

How do you choose a career?...


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Devetra C. Feb 22, 2018 324 views

What are some great careers that doesn't require a college degree?

I always heard that if you want to have a great career you must attend college....


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Carmen N. Mar 19, 2018 362 views

Can I cheer in college while doing the military?

I am a student athlete at my high school. I'm a 3rd year varsity player and Captain on our varsity cheerleading team. Cheerleading gives me the opportunity to break boundaries for myself and has helped me become a better student. I wish to continue my cheerleading career in college but I also...

#cheerleading #military #education

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yadira O. Mar 21, 2018 380 views

If my strengths are being patient and also being a good listener what type of career would be best for me in the medical field?

My best strengths are listing and being patient, I would like to know what career in the medical field would these strengths be better for or which career they would be more useful for? #strengthsandweaknesses #medical-practice #medical-careers #medical-education...


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Calissa P. Apr 09, 2018 217 views

what do labor delivery nurses mostly do?

i would like to know more about the things they have to deal with and what they do for their career....