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Tarah H. Jan 20, 2018 783 views

If you could go back in time and give yourself any time management tips, what would they be?

I have not done a great job managing my time, but I am working to get better at it as I finish up high school career. I know that I will have a lot more free time in college, and I do not want to spend it all binge watching Netflix....


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Mei Wei K. Mar 09, 2019 229 views

How is technology reused or recycled in large organizations?

With the constant rush for the next upgrade in technology, my concern is that used technology is being simply thrown away when it can be reused or repurposed in new ways. #tech...


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Eldon L. Mar 09, 2019 344 views

Why did you choose tech?

Tech is so new and coming. Why did you choose to go into the tech industry?...


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Rena W. May 03, 2019 441 views
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Gillian C. May 09, 2019 443 views

How to prepare for an internship?

I’m in progress of a computer science bachelor degree. However, I’ve only had two coding classes: an introductory class using Visual Basic, and C++. I do not feel that I have learned much and would like to be more qualified for future internships. How may I further increase my knowledge outside...

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Brenna M. May 18, 2019 249 views

How much does your undergrad school really matter?

I have heard lots of things about undergrad not really mattering in the long run (I plan on continuing to get a law degree or some other form of Masters degree). Some say it is more worth it to stay local and get in-state tuition at public universities (in Florida they are all very good), but...


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Landon C. Sep 24, 2020 154 views

I am wondering what colleges in Wisconsin or in the USA offer a college that could be specific to roller coaster designers?

I am looking and I don't know what colleges to look for a roller coaster designer specifically....