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Michael Christensen-Calvin

Founder at Hodgepodge Games
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San Francisco, California
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Hope’s Avatar
Hope Apr 26, 2022 367 views

Is it a struggle when putting a game on market?

After coding and making a game when you put it on market is it hard to get people to play the game if so how do you deal with it?

ash’s Avatar
ash Apr 27, 2022 716 views

What is being a game designer like?

what is your role for your company and what daily problems do you have to overcome.

Annalise’s Avatar
Annalise Apr 10, 2019 636 views

How much schooling do i need to be a game developer

#video-games #video-game-design #gaming #game-design #game-development

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Apr 26, 2022 534 views

What's the best way to learn coding and how to model along with lighting, and sounds?

I wanna learn more about how to Code games along with how to do lighting and sound effects, i also wanna know how do you start on making a game?

John ’s Avatar
John Sep 03, 2015 1893 views

I am considering my options for a career out of college, and I am looking at a career in computers, gaming design, or computer security. I would like help in knowing what steps I can take out of high school.

I am a senior in high school, and I am looking for a career that will be beneficial for me after college in terms of salary and also a career that will not die out. I know this a tough topic to answer but I need some arrow to follow. A career in computers, game design, security, or something to...

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Dec 03, 2014 2504 views

How much math is involved in Computer Science and what do you do on a day to day basis with that profession?

I am a Junior at Boston Latin School and I am really interested in math and definitely find it my strongest subject. I love the problem solving/using formulas and algorithms aspect of it. A lot of people have recommended me to look into Computer Science as well since I love math so much....

Jaleel Mackey’s Avatar
Jaleel Oct 02, 2015 19425 views

What types of classes can I take while in high school to prepare for a computer science degree in college?

This question was asked by a sophomore in high school who is interested in establishing a basic knowledge base in computer science before they enter college. The youth of today will be entering a workforce more technologically charged than the one we are currently facing. I would like to share...