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Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Oct 25, 2019 420 views

Is these industry good paying in the armed forces ?

I really want to enlist the #military but would it be the same paying range or would i get more if i am a welder?

Corbin’s Avatar
Corbin Oct 03, 2019 840 views

What is your first interview like

Im a student at job corps #interviews

George’s Avatar
George Oct 14, 2019 810 views

Is joining the Navy for welding a good choice after advanced training at job corps?

#military #navy #career-choice

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Sep 06, 2019 468 views

When learning how to do an Iv how long did it take for you to successfully do one?

I’m a student at Brennan hs and I’m interested in nursing specifically in pediatrics #nursing #nursing-education #healthcare

Salvador’s Avatar
Salvador May 28, 2019 602 views

At the military what benefits are there?


Ahiline’s Avatar
Ahiline Oct 14, 2019 633 views

What are the benefits of being a practitioner nurse in the Army?

What type of degree is needed? #healthcare #nurse-practitioner #Army

Gustavo’s Avatar
Gustavo Oct 14, 2019 707 views

Can i stare at the arc when welding without glasses/goggles?

#welder #welding #construction #career #construction-management

Duvall’s Avatar
Duvall Oct 14, 2019 763 views

Should I join the military as a welder?

#military #educator #any #army

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Oct 14, 2019 575 views

For the military veterans, what do you wish you could have done differently before enlistment? Any regrets, lessons, thoughts for future service members?

#Veterans #Military

jeff’s Avatar
jeff Oct 21, 2019 647 views

Im in 9th grade and i want to become a cop but i want to join the army for 4 years until i'm 21 to apply to be a cop but i dont if i should join the army to be a cop or should i just wait until im 21 to become a cop. I dont know what is the best way i need help

#police #professional #law-enforcement #military

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Aug 30, 2019 577 views

when is the best time to look for employment?

#job-search I'm a student at an IT school looking to earn my CompTIA A+ certification and Network+. Curious about when is the most effective time to find employment in the field.

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Oct 15, 2019 900 views

How do/did you stay motivated when faced with adversity and negative thoughts in boot camp/military?

#Military #BootCamp #Army

charles’s Avatar
charles Sep 04, 2018 586 views

can i go in the army

How are you doing to day.

julian’s Avatar
julian Sep 24, 2019 429 views

What is like to be an engineer?

I would like to know what it's like to be an engineer to give me more options. #engineer