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Tabor’s Avatar
Tabor Oct 27, 2015 1421 views

What kind of highschool credit do you have to have to become a lawyer/attorney

I really like criminal justice #law #lawyer #attorney

Joshlynn’s Avatar
Joshlynn Nov 02, 2015 1292 views

how can i get a good college

I want to go into a good school to be a nurse I love helping kids and adults #caring

Eriana’s Avatar
Eriana Nov 03, 2015 1044 views

With fashion is it more hands on or online ?

i want to dress models and want to do hands on,i wouldn't mind styling a Manichean online . #fashion #stylist

Ralph’s Avatar
Ralph Nov 05, 2015 18932 views

Does it cost money to become a mechanical engineer?

how much money would it be to b a mechanical engineer? #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer

Student Voices by CV’s Avatar
Student Voices by CV Nov 06, 2015 1320 views

How long before the college application deadlines should I ask my teachers for a letter of recommendation?

This question was asked by a high school junior who knows college application deadlines are approaching for the seniors of her school. She wants to get a jump on her letters of recommendation, and she wants to know how soon is too soon for the request. She's interested in pursuing an english...