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Jane Alvarado

Dancer/Choreographer + Certified Mind Body Therapist
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Community and Social Service Occupations
Santa Ana, California
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Helen’s Avatar
Helen Sep 16, 2021 557 views

How to know which career fits me?

I am interested in lots of career field. I want to do things that is related to art, food science, or medical. #career #arts #medicine #nutrition

hammad’s Avatar
hammad Feb 03, 2021 557 views

can i study science subjects to get admission into a medical college after i studied arts and did bachelours in psychology

i have recently passed my BA after my 2 years FA. I studied 2 years BA. Becoming a psychiatrist requires studying science subjects and i am a bit confusd because i have remained an #arts student. Will it be possible for me to study science subjects after my BA so i can get admission into a...

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Mar 03, 2020 811 views

what career will best suite me

i'm very stuck when finding my passion #career-choice #career-counseling

Indya’s Avatar
Indya May 12, 2016 1051 views

To become a dance therapist should I study special education as well?

Well I am a dancer and doctors say I can never dance professionally so I decided to become a dance therapist. Therefore nothing can stop me from dancing and I can help others considering I was born with deformities as well. Dance has changed my life and I wanna use it to help others just like...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Feb 28, 2019 799 views

I just finished a Physics Bachelor at ETH Zürich and I am starting a professional dance program at Steps on Broadway NY. I spent the last 2 months as an intern in a Data Science company. I also studied Architecture for one year and I love painting. I would love to do something useful for our society and feel attracted to the join between Physics and Medicine, as well as Environmental Science and renewable energies. As you see, I am interested in many subjects and struggling with todays super specialised careers. I have a technic profile, but I am a social person and I cannot picture myself as a lonely experimental physicist or a programmer... Any ideas on how to combine all my passions?

UPC Barcelona Architecture (1 year) ETH Zürich Physics Bachelor CERN Semester project Particle Physics Data Science (Machine Learning) Steps on Broadway NY International Independent Study Program #college #art #architecture #technology #physics #datascience #artificialintelligence...

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Nov 20, 2019 547 views

In order to be a choreographer, do you have to be able to dance to the level of your choreography?

#dance #career

hailey’s Avatar
hailey Oct 02, 2019 600 views

is it satisfying helping someone

#therapist #therapy