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Amy Z. Jun 18, 2016 4557 views

Can you major in business and then go into medical school?

My friend is majoring in accounting and is interested in the premed career track and I was wondering if this is feasible. #college #medicine #accounting #pre-med...


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Katelyn Y. Jan 26, 2017 1065 views

Do resumes need to be one page?

Hi, I'm attempting to become an "officer" in a club at my college and they want to see a resume. My boyfriend is a part of this club and he told me that my resume needs to be one page, that jobs only want to see one page anyways. Is this true? The job application my father helped me make it...

#job-application #evaluating-resumes #resumes #resume #resume-writing

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Trina K. May 06 261 views

How do i find my perfect job?

I am a high school student who needs to start thinking about her future and i do not know where to start. #job #student...


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danieh K. May 11 369 views

Math is not one of my strongest strengths. Will I struggle in the area of economics because of this?

Hi, I'm a 16-year-old high school student determined to get an education in the areas of economics and business. I have many strengths but one of them does not include math. The Idea of this extremely bothers me because I feel as if I will struggle. Any advice? (thank you for all the...

#linkedin #highschool #career #strengths #business #student #highschoolstudent #economics #math

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Ryan S. May 11 133 views

What kind of careers could i get that allow me to be outside more than in a office?

I like to be outside, I #career-path feel like I'm being trapped in an office...

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Olivia D. May 12 173 views
Courtney C.’s Avatar
Courtney C. May 13 272 views

How do you stay focused?

I am struggling with my boring classes. I find myself getting distracted often by information I want to learn versus the information I have to learn. I am studying health sciences and the History of Japan in the 1800s is boring me to tears....


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Taylor K. May 13 539 views

Should I continue my Degree?

I'm graduating this month from a community college with my Associates in Business. I am thinking about transferring to a university to get my bachelors in marketing, but I honestly don't know what I want to do with my degree/career. I'm struggling to make a decision on whether or not I should...

#business #college #marketing #career #college-major

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Emma W. May 15 151 views

When should you start thinking about college?

I am interested in going to school to become either a surgeon or a doctor....