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Clackamas, Oregon

Within 40 mile radius
barrin’s Avatar
barrin Apr 17 536 views

how hard is it to start a security company?

I want to know just how hard it is to start a security company

Annika’s Avatar
Annika Apr 17 199 views

What can I do to get myself to my future job in law enforcement??

Like, how do I prepare for it?

barrin’s Avatar
barrin Apr 17 583 views

what are the best security jobs?

i want to know what are the best security jobs and why they are best

Annika’s Avatar
Annika Apr 17 168 views

What do you do when you're overwhelmed?

Like, how do you manage it?

Anneliese’s Avatar
Anneliese Apr 17 342 views

How do you keep yourself motivated to work in a stressful environment in Protective Services?

I often have a tough time focusing on my work when I am in a stressful environment and it is hard for me to get back on track when I have ADHD. what should I do?

Liz’s Avatar
Liz Apr 17 575 views

How long have you been a Pharmacy Technician?

pharmacy technician related stuff

barrin’s Avatar
barrin Apr 17 286 views

what are the main traits companies look for?

Are there certain traits companies seek for in employees

Annika’s Avatar
Annika Apr 17 156 views

How can I, an autistic girl go into something law enforcement related?

I'm very passionate about law enforcement and just want to help people.

Peace’s Avatar
Peace Apr 12 297 views

What skills or experiences are most valued in your industry, and how can I develop them further to advance my career?

I'm a student in grade 8. What are the skills out there that are valuable for the industries or what are the skills that the industries are looking out for in there employers

Laura’s Avatar
Laura Apr 09 481 views

What steps have you taken that have best helped you to succeed in school and beyond?

I am in college pursuing a Multimedia Certificate while working part time. While this particular term is just getting started, I have a handful of more terms to go through before I can earn my certificate and go into a career. Are there certain steps you are taking in college or which you have...

Brook’s Avatar
Brook Apr 05 752 views

How to start an art project ?

How do you start an art project like how do you know what yo make what happens if it looks bad do you just throw it away or to you keep it and sell it to make money

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Apr 01 450 views

What can I do to attract customers when I open a shop?

Do I need a bigger sign, a bigger shop?

Renato’s Avatar
Renato Apr 01 218 views

What is the average wage in the automotive field?

what is the average wage in the automotive field

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Apr 01 234 views

what are the working conditions in the automotive field?

Is there a lot of lifting.

Bryant’s Avatar
Bryant Feb 14 854 views

Are there any opportunities for advancement at your company?

I want to learn about moving up in a company.

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