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Coupeville, Washington

Within 40 mile radius
Tanner’s Avatar
Tanner Nov 01, 2021 395 views

What was the biggest thing you learned in class that you apply now in the work force?

I am doing a project in class right now that requires me to get answers from people that are already qualified as a Certified Nurse Assistant #healthcare #nursing #nurse

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Nov 01, 2021 471 views

What's the toughest part of being a mechanic?

#mechanic #mechanics What would you say is the most difficult part of the job?

Gavin’s Avatar
Gavin Oct 05, 2021 931 views

Any advice to get into Programming/Coding?

I am currently a new student in Job corps and i'm hoping to get a career in the IT field that involves programming/coding like a Web Developer or Software Developer but I also have no experience with it and would like some advice/insight on this career path. Does coding actually take high math...

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Sep 24, 2021 441 views

What will put me on the right path for being a Occupational Therapy Assistant

Hi my name is Chris Singletary. I am a student at Job Corps and I am reaching out to you guys because I believe I would enjoy a career in being a Certified Medical assistant and I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in this area. #healthcare #medical #doctor...

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Sep 18, 2021 676 views

Magnetic Resonance Imaging techs what are 3 things you wish you knew before choosing this career?

I am looking into this career path for my future. I would like to know a little bit more from an MRI tech perspective that's actually in the career filed. I am also wondering where to start? or whats good MRI school. #career #tech #healthcare #medical #MagneticResonanceImagingTech #science...

Roux’s Avatar
Roux Aug 23, 2021 521 views

What culinary tools would you suggest besides a high quality knife?

I'm currently a Job Corps student and just starting the program. I have worked in a kitchen feeding retired residents for about 4 months prior to this, and have heard conflicting answers to this question. I don't have a knife yet either, although I've heard German or Japanese crafted blades are...

Roux’s Avatar
Roux Aug 18, 2021 580 views

My ultimate goal after advanced training is to work on a cruise ship so I can travel while working. Does anyone have any suggestions for or against working in cruise lines?

I've worked as a cook at a retirement home (cafeteria style cooking) for 4 months so far, and am currently attending the Job Corps Program. #travel #career
#culinary-arts #chef

Phuong’s Avatar
Phuong Jan 23, 2021 600 views

I'm a senior and I want to learn to be a nurse in college but There are a lot of types of Nurse and I'm just want to work as a nurse in the clinic so which type should I choose, what is its name?

Now I'm a senior in High school so it's very hard for me to know enough information about nursing and I really need help. #career #student #nurse

Xavier’s Avatar
Xavier Sep 01, 2020 665 views

What steps should I take to become a Head Chef?

I am a student in a culinary arts program at Job Corps. #job-market #high-school-jobs #culinary/hospitality

Denis’s Avatar
Denis Aug 14, 2020 1139 views

Job search tips for recent Mechanical Engineering graduate with limited experience.

#job-search #engineering I've graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of Washington with great academic standing last summer and passed FE exam last fall. Unfortunately I wasn't able to secure an internship after my junior year and due to this I have very little experience which I...

aydin’s Avatar
aydin Jul 05, 2020 553 views

possible jobs for a 16 year old without a car

i am 16 and my only prior job experience is part time construction.
what jobs would be possible for me? #job

Nayeli’s Avatar
Nayeli Apr 14, 2020 567 views

What can I do to be prepared when I apply to a nursing school?

I am interested in becoming a nurse but I know there is a lot of preparation to be done due to it's competitive major. #nursing #nurse #college #healthcare

Nayeli’s Avatar
Nayeli Apr 14, 2020 543 views

What are some organizations or programs you can volunteer to help provide health assistance?

I am going to enter college to become a nurse, but once I get there I also want to be a part of the Doctors Without Border to help others make sure they have a healthy life because money shouldn't be an obstacle. #medical #nursing #medicine #healthcare #doctor

Dominick’s Avatar
Dominick Mar 06, 2020 1301 views

What Does a day look like for a k9 officer

A am looking for help whith a life chosie #law #law-enforcement #police #law

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Mar 06, 2020 679 views

What are some of the tools I should be familiar with in Law enforcement.

#police #law-enforcement #criminal-justice #law

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