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Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Within 40 mile radius
hamid’s Avatar
hamid May 02 362 views

how i could find my passion in career ?

i am frustrated that my degree in chemistry good for me or not what is my passion how to find my career

Meerab’s Avatar
Meerab Apr 01 791 views

What should I choose after Matriculation I am really interested in biology but there is a problem that there is no better scope of biology in Pakistan tell me what should I choose then?

I had choosed biology in class 9th and I scored 511 marks out of 555 I really like biology especially anatomy and bones I am also interested in dentistry but I am confused what to choose after my Matriculation .

harmain’s Avatar
harmain Feb 19 514 views

i am looking forward for a online jobs , can you please suggest me good online jobs in abroad ?

i am looking forward for a online jobs , can you please suggest me good online jobs in abroad ?

Farghab Ahmad’s Avatar
Farghab Ahmad Oct 19, 2023 277 views

I have just completed my masters in agricultural sciences which further specilisation should I opt?

Both my bachelors and masters are from University of the Punjab, Lahore and now I want to study further so please tell where and how should I apply. Thanks

gohar’s Avatar
gohar May 15, 2023 217 views

I'm a student of BS and I'm working in a dispatch team, but it's hard to manage both at same time. can you suggest me some remote jobs or any jobs which i can do w studies?

So, I'm doing BS & working as a sales team lead in trucking dispatching company. looking for any after hours job which can pay at least $850-$950 per month so I can mange my studies and expenses.

Hassan’s Avatar
Hassan Aug 07, 2021 943 views

What is the use of interview


ranjit’s Avatar
ranjit May 01, 2021 516 views

if i dont take maths or science in 12th standard so can i take these subjects in BA in psychology bcoz i want to became a clinical psychologist or counselor who treat mentally ill individual

im student im trying to complete my ielts after that i want to go canada for my higher education but im confused so plz help me i want to pursue ba in psychology #student

ranjit’s Avatar
ranjit Apr 17, 2021 460 views

after arts can i study in clinical psychology

im a arts student i have a these sub like history ,gen english,gen punjabi,elective punjabi ,physical education ,computer science #student so tell me plz i can i do my psychology studies #students

abdulrehman’s Avatar
abdulrehman May 11, 2020 559 views

what subject should i take in olevels

im 14 years old i love science buti dont know how ill do in it i seriously dont have any objectives

Farooq’s Avatar
Farooq Apr 16, 2020 555 views

How should I know I need to go for PhD ?

I'm graduate student having professional experience of 2 years, I do want to pursue PhD degree. but cant find the motivation. #phd

Rimsha’s Avatar
Rimsha Oct 17, 2019 1344 views

What should i choose between nutrition and psychology?

I feel like psychology is an easy subject but on the other hand i am intrested in nutrition as well. I want a complete guide that which majors should i choose.
#college-major #psychology #career #nutrition

Nimra’s Avatar
Nimra Jul 03, 2019 767 views

how to know your passion ? can you some kind of career counseling??

#food science and Technology

Mohammad’s Avatar
Mohammad Jun 07, 2019 732 views

I have three plain career choices: AI researcher, theoretical physicist or ethical hacker. What should I choose?

I’ve narrowed down my career choices to these three career paths, based on my interests. I can either go into the AI field and help spearhead cutting-edge research into making a humanoid AI; I can become a theoretical physicist spearheading research in quantum mechanics, or become an ethical...

Partap’s Avatar
Partap Apr 14, 2019 488 views

What are the relationship between Electronics engineering and Mechanical engineering?


Partap’s Avatar
Partap Apr 06, 2019 462 views

Electronics engineering and Mechanical engineering are interconnected to each other?


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