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Leland, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Apr 11, 2022 306 views

What kind of certifications and programs do I need to become a marine welder?

I wanna become a marine welder, but what types of certifications and classes do I need to take to achieve my goal.

pharrell’s Avatar
pharrell Aug 02, 2021 176 views

what is career village about?

My name is pharrell everyone calls me rell and I do brazillian jui jistu #career-choice

Wendy’s Avatar
Wendy Jul 12, 2020 477 views

I am a senior nursing student who have decided to purse my passion in medicine. Is it possible going from nursing to med? I know how untraditional this approach is and how much work it would take, but I truly love medicine and am fully committed.

#nursing #medicine #doctor #healthcare

Julian’s Avatar
Julian Nov 09, 2019 242 views

How do you know that you want to become a civil engineer?

#engineering. I am 15 years old and civil engineering seems great but I’m unsettled about it.

John’s Avatar
John Mar 16, 2018 473 views

Is there a lot of math required for a Business Administration degree?

just curious #business

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Jan 24, 2018 300 views

Which dorm at UNCC is best for freshmen?

Need to Pick #college-dorm

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Jan 24, 2018 393 views

How much time does marching band require.

Considering joining. #music

Massimo’s Avatar
Massimo Sep 28, 2017 701 views

What can I do with a degree in international business?

#international #business #management I can't decide on whether I want to go into management or international.

Deondra’s Avatar
Deondra Aug 31, 2017 473 views

How do I know if I'm choosing the right major?

What if I have a passion for multiple things? #buddism #college-major

Anh’s Avatar
Anh Oct 29, 2016 1084 views

Is it hard to find an aerospace engineering job?

I want to set a better goal for my future. #engineering #aerospace-engineering #aerospace

Anh’s Avatar
Anh Oct 29, 2016 585 views

What courses do I need for aerospace engineering?

I'm currently a high school junior. I want to know the courses I need for an aerospace engineering degree. #engineering

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob May 19, 2016 769 views

What to do??

I am trying to decide between studying environmental science and athletic management. What are some pros and cons to each field that you might be able to tell me about. I'm hoping to be introduced to ideas I haven't thought about. #science #management #environmental-science #athletics #career-plan

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob May 19, 2016 781 views

Employment Opportunities?

I'm #undecided about what I would like my career to be after college. How needed are athletic trainers? If I go into Athletic Management, what kind of jobs would I be qualified to do and how available are they? I'm hoping to see some options that maybe I have not thought of. #management...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 18, 2016 812 views

How useful would a journalism or english degree be in contingency with a law degree?

I want to go to law school to become a lawyer but I want to be an editor first, then later expand my education and change careers. How realistic is this plan and would the prior degree be of any help? #lawyer #judges #harvard

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 18, 2016 940 views

How difficult is it to find a job in publishing that allows you to afford the cost of living in New York?

I have always wanted to be an editor, however my concern now is in being capable of comfortably supporting myself. This newfound concern has led me to question whether my choice path will be realistic enough to pursue. #writing #editing #books #publishing #magazines #new-york #newspapers

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