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North Plains, Oregon

Within 40 mile radius
Cayden’s Avatar
Cayden 23 hours ago 224 views

Hey I'm interested in philosophy and religion teaching can anyone give me some pointers on what it's like to get a job in this subject and what made you get into learning and teaching this specific subject. ?

What are your opinions on the best type of philosophy to get into teaching?

Colby’s Avatar
Colby yesterday 220 views

What makes construction a good job and how did you find out that it was the career path you wanted?

what about construction did u find the best?

alonzo’s Avatar
alonzo 2 days ago 366 views

what can i do to get in the tech industry?

hi i am Alonzo ..i would like to know how one can get into the tech industry

Domingo’s Avatar
Domingo Jun 07 1294 views

How far would an Associates in Pre-engineering get me towards becoming an Automotive Engineer?

I am currently in Job Corps with high hopes to become something in the Automotive/Mechanical field.

Domingo’s Avatar
Domingo Jun 05 701 views

What degree would be best for the Automotive Engineering industry?

car and automotive related fields, engineering hobby.

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Jun 04 461 views

how do you become a famous musician?

I want to be a famous music artist, I feel like i try hard and still don't get recognized.

Teresa’s Avatar
Teresa Jun 04 1241 views

Why did you become a nurse midwife?

Thank you for agreeing to this informational interview. My name is Teresa. I am a Job Corps student at Springdale, and I am reaching out to you because I am interested in and believe I would enjoy a career in Nurse Midwives. I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of...

Gisselle’s Avatar
Gisselle Jun 03 317 views

when studying for a criminal justice what are some good things to keep in mind that some people is enough to completely change paths.?

How competitive is the field

brianna’s Avatar
brianna May 20 330 views

what kind of master's degree must you obtain to become an art therapist?

this is important to know because i don't want to shoot for the wrong degree.

brianna’s Avatar
brianna May 20 356 views

why do art therapists need to have so much schooling?

I am currently a student and I want to become an art therapist I'm just curious about how and why there is so much schooling.

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra May 20 250 views

Are surgical technologists on their feet all day?

I am a 19 year old Job Corps student. I want to know if I should expect to be on my feet the entire shift or if I will have time to be seated.

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra May 20 162 views

How would a surgical technologist remain out of the way during a procedure?

I am a 19 year old Job Corps student. I want to be a surgical technologist, and need tips on staying out of the surgeons way during a procedure.

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra May 20 222 views

Are there lots of moments in which a surgical technologist tends to get in the way of the surgeon?

I am a 19 year old Job Corps student that wants to do something in the medical field. I want to know if being in the way of surgeons will potentially be an issue as a new worker.

brianna’s Avatar
brianna May 20 374 views

What is the most important thing you need to have to become an art therapist?

I am currently a Jobcorps student trying to get additional information about my career path what I need and what I should look for.

Kyaw’s Avatar
Kyaw May 16 226 views

what kind of support system should if I want to become an automotive engineer and to help me be successful in this field?

I am a Job Corps student and I have some questions.

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