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Taylor Lake Village, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
mika’s Avatar
mika 2 hours ago 16 views

What is the best way to figure out what career would best suit you?

I have had trouble for some time going back and forth between career paths and was wondering how others figured it out

Mary Rose’s Avatar
Mary Rose Dec 02 37 views

What major should I do in college?

Right now, I am a gymnast and I'm interested in some type of sports medicin. I'm considering jobs like athletic trainer, physical therapist, and sports nutritionist.

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 25 40 views

How would i prepare for a career as a Forensic Medical Examiner?

I don't know how you would prepare yourself every day for this job. I also need to ask, how do you handle the mourning family and all of the pressure put on you by law enforcement, the public, and especially the family and friends of the victim?

Sayra’s Avatar
Sayra Nov 10 81 views

What are differences between Painting and Drawing?

please answer quickly as possible.

Chinedu’s Avatar
Chinedu Oct 25 254 views

How do you become an orthodontist?

I am a freshman in high school, I want to be an orthodontist when I grow up, and I want to know the process.


Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Oct 24 134 views

What is the best major for college if I want to become a doctor?

I and a senior in high school and my teachers have not been very helpful in answering this question.

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Oct 24 72 views

What's the best and easiest way to find work with transportation issues?

Only means of transport I have is a bike. I live 1 mile into a neighborhood and an additional mile anywhere else. Everywhere doesn't seem to be hiring and online work I have trouble figuring out.

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Oct 16 201 views

Is college the best choice after high school?

Im not really sure what to do after if i was to go to college i dont have a career in mind

Jaylyn’s Avatar
Jaylyn Oct 10 141 views

How does Being a Chef work?

Is being a chef something that you will get tried of doing it or something that you get mad at doing. Is being a chef hard to do.

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Oct 05 175 views

What was your best strategy for college applications from your experience?

What was your best strategy for college applications from your experience?

Dulce’s Avatar
Dulce Sep 28 87 views

After high School ?

What would be the best idea to do after high school

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Sep 27 104 views

Would having transferrable credits from a community college be useful if I'm on the fence about going to a 4 year college?

I heard about college credits from community colleges that people can transfer over to a 4 year college to save money in the long run. I'm not really sure if I want to attend a 4 year college but would it be good to have transferrable credits just in case I make the decision to attend a 4 year...

Tram’s Avatar
Tram Sep 25 196 views

When can you start college if you want to start the earlist time?

How is college for most people? Can every student who applies for a student loan get a loan? Is it benefical to go to college from your state or out of state?

Tram’s Avatar
Tram Sep 24 146 views

When can you go to college What do you need for college amiditions. Why do you need to go to college? What are the benefits of going to college? Can college help you find a career??

When can you go to college? My goal is to go to Stanford University because i want to go to california one day but i also want to go to a prestigious school.

Nox’s Avatar
Nox Sep 18 114 views

Why am I in such financial trouble at such a young age ?

I mean who jobs and still in high school is killing me. It's just I don't understand why I can't get the help I need. I can't eat or sleep it's just too much.

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