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Career Questions tagged Lawyers

Erica B.’s Avatar
Erica B. May 20 135 views

I want to be an defense attorney, Do I have to become a prosecutor first?

I have been in the law program since 6th grade I've always known what I wanted to do. I was hoping I didn't have to be a prosecutor first because I want to help innocent people stay out of jail. law-practice law-school enforcement lawyers...


Brionna P.’s Avatar
Brionna P. Jun 02 94 views

What's the worst kind of client to deal with?

I want to provide the best advice and legal aid to my clients as I can....


Nyasia S.’s Avatar
Nyasia S. Jun 01 101 views
Nyasia S.’s Avatar
Nyasia S. Jun 01 116 views

How long do you have practice law in order to be a lawyer.

My name is Nyasia, I attend Williams prep and is interested in law. I love debating outside and inside of school and I’m pretty good at it. Becoming a lawyer has been my life long career for a while now. I want to be a criminal justice lawyer. I want to take classes at the HBCU Harvard...

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Dejanna B. May 29 144 views
Vivian O.’s Avatar
Vivian O. May 20 101 views

I plan on getting a degree in criminology....then Masters in this advisable in the aspect of becoming a criminal lawyer?

I am not yet in the university, but I have applied to study criminology here in Nigeria...


Paige A.’s Avatar
Paige A. May 18 159 views

Looking for advice on surviving law school.

As a future first generation law student, I am looking for advice on how to survive law school, especially 1L. How is the workload? What should I do to survive finals? Not sure what law school I am attending, but I know that the curriculum is somewhat the same. lawyers pre-law...


Paige A.’s Avatar
Paige A. May 18 110 views

Looking for advice about CareerVillage professionals landed their law careers

I am looking for advice on how lawyers on CareerVillage landed their careers. I would love to know what majors, colleges, law schools, and internships that professionals have landed that lead them to the careers they have today. Any other piece of general advice are welcome! law corporate-law...


kaiden A.’s Avatar
kaiden A. Mar 18 155 views

what is the salary of a lawyer

a lawyer is a good job and one of my friends mom is a lawyer lawyer business-lawyer...


JWILLY H.’s Avatar
JWILLY H. Mar 18 137 views

What is the best way to prepare yourself to become a lawyer?

I am a middle school student who took a test that says being a lawyer would be good for me. school lawyer students lawyers...


JWILLY H.’s Avatar
JWILLY H. Mar 18 149 views

What are the best classes to take to become a lawyer?

I am a middle school student who took a test that said being a lawyer would be a good job for me. school students lawyer lawyers...

aniah Q.’s Avatar
aniah Q. Feb 24 201 views

How do I know what type of lawyer do I want to be?

I am a very true/honest person. I want to be able to help people. I really like the idea of standing up for other and helping them . That's why i think being a lawyer is the way to go, but i just don't know what type. lawyers law corporate-law attorney...


Samira M.’s Avatar
Samira M. Feb 17 236 views

I want to be a lawyer, actress, dancer and a model. Is all of this possible at once?

I absolutely love law and acting, modelling and dancing. I really want to pursue all of these professions but I am not sure whether it’s possible for this many careers to keep a balanced life. lawyers fashion-and-style dance act...


Jozlyn Johnson J.’s Avatar
Jozlyn Johnson J. Feb 08 665 views

What are some requirements to become a lawyer?

I am 17 going on 18 but i want to be a lawyer when i grow up. I watch a whole lot of criminal injustice television shows for example;Law and Order,Criminal Minds, and NCIS. Those are like my top three television shows that i adore if i could i would watch them all day long. y mom tells me that...

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