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Talia B. May 13, 2016 650 views

What is the highest paying job you can get without a college degree

My sister asked me this question the other day,as she does not like school at all, I told her I could help find out!...


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Sarah M. Apr 16, 2017 377 views

Sustainability of being a vet

I am currently doing an internship at a vet clinic. I really love being there and everyone is pleasant and nice. I like the environment and am not afraid of surgery etc. however, sometimes the vets complain about how tiring the work is etc. I was wondering if most vets feel this way, that after...

#veterinary #veterinary-medicine #animals

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Alan Y. Jan 16, 2018 299 views

Is a Graveyard shift during high school a good idea?

I got offered a job with a late night shift but I don't know if it's a good idea working so late and going to school at the same time. Will the job experience be worth it or will that kind of schedule do more harm then good? #part-time #highschool...


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JORGE C. May 18, 2018 182 views

What can I do in order to get a better chance of getting a job right after I finish college?

I have heard that there are some carreers that give you a job right after you graduate from college. I plan on becoming an electrical engineer, and I want to know if there is anything in my reach that I can do so that i could get a higher chance of getting a Job after college. #headstart...


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Hannah E. May 19, 2018 256 views

Can I still date my boyfriend in college?!

My boyfriend and I are both going to different colleges... will we be able to stay together??? #help...


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Allison A. Aug 14, 2018 237 views

How should I prepare myself for my job search as I go into my senior year of college?

I am a Sociology, Political Science, and International Studies major, and I love communicating with others in the community. #job-search #college-jobs #job...


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Jahlil A. Aug 14, 2018 100 views

How do I mange money better while in college?

What items should I get while I'm attending school and how can I gain assets?...


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Hayley R. Aug 17, 2018 164 views

I graduate in less than 2 school years and I still don’t know what I want to do!

I am for sure going to college but I don’t know what I want to do?! I need help! I’ve even taken online quizzes lol. I need to have a plan because money is too tight to switch majors!...


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shatir H. Apr 10, 2019 118 views
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julia P. Aug 07, 2019 88 views

How Do I stick with THE Masters Degree When I'm Trying to do 2 Careers at Once

Hi, I'm Julia , I'm Interest in Becoming a Welder/Mechanic. I Want This career.... I also Need some advice/Motivation . #career...


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Ashley J. Sep 10, 2019 55 views

How do you feel your company has contributed to the industry as well as the public?

I am an ITF+ certified Afro-Latina at #npower studying for my ITIL with intention of pursuing project...