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enerygy utility industry
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Cristy R. May 05, 2016 479 views

Should I be stressing out about going in as undecided?

It's my first year, I have many scholarships but i am not devoted to a certain major. Should I just choose one or should I figure it out once I get there....


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Elizabeth H. Nov 19, 2020 198 views

Which online learning communities would you recommend for gaining more business knowledge?

I am an accounting student, who would like to find an online learning community that would help me broaden my business knowledge, such as analytics, software programs, finances, economics, and other nonaccounting areas of business. I am very interested in this information at an international...

#analytics #business #international #economics

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Tiffiny L. Nov 19, 2020 81 views

What is a good way for undergraduates to gain experience in therapy or mental health counseling?

I'm interested in pursuing a career in therapy or mental health counseling, perhaps in schools, but want to know what the experience is like before applying for graduate school in these areas. #health #mental-health-counseling...