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Audrey Aug 26, 2018 656 views

How do you pick a major?

I have a lot of interests and it’s difficult to figure out what to choose as my major. A lot of people are asking me what I’m thinking of and I’m unsure. I’d like to get some advice on how to find what you’re passionate about. Thanks! #majors #college #help

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Nov 08, 2021 536 views

Is going to community college and transferring to a university a good option?

I want to become a graphic designer but I also do not want to spend too much money on college and education. #graphic-design #college #design

Brett’s Avatar
Brett May 10, 2016 891 views

Is there a point in going to college a year early?

I am currently a high school junior and have the opportunity to attend a college part-time my high school senior year. I am debating whether I should accept or not. It would cost the same for the college classes as if they were dual-credit ($65 per credit). This is a great deal, but am I...

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Nov 18, 2021 558 views

What if you cannot commit to one major when you're in college

like if you are already attending a class and you found out its not your thing, is it too late to change? #major #college

Britteny’s Avatar
Britteny Dec 01, 2021 1414 views

How do you deal with customers when they are rude ?

#career #cashier #customerservice

Zeeshan’s Avatar
Zeeshan Dec 28, 2021 1096 views

what should I include in the outline of a cover latter?

#resume #resume #coverlatter #job-search #business #internship #finance #job-application #job-application #collouge

Blanca’s Avatar
Blanca Dec 02, 2021 744 views

How can I be better my work area for productivity?

#studying-tips #work

Alondra’s Avatar
Alondra Dec 12, 2021 834 views

After I get into colleges, how do I pick the best one for myself?

I'm a senior who just applied to colleges and I am now waiting for acceptance letters, #college #college-selection #college-admissions

Margaret’s Avatar
Margaret Jan 23, 2018 916 views

What is the best way to prepare for college besides academics?

I'll be attending college soon and I'd like to know what to prepare for and how to prepare for it. I hear that college is very different from high school and you need different skills to navigate it.
#college #college-life

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Dec 13, 2021 991 views

Should I take classes in the morning or at night?

For the most free time. #time-management

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Dec 13, 2021 855 views

what are some ways that helped you discover what career you wanted to do?

I want to explore more careers #career-choice #career-counseling #career