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Charity’s Avatar
Charity Aug 17, 2022 590 views

What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position as a highschool teacher?

I hope to learn about the most effective strategies.

Charity’s Avatar
Charity Aug 17, 2022 653 views

Should I pursue a secondary career if my teaching career doesn't work out?

I would like to know if its good to keep options open or if I should stick to one career entirely.

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Mar 25, 2022 626 views

What is the most important thing about moving on from highschool to college?

I've heard from multiple older acquaintances that college is more about studying than social life and others have said the opposite. I want to hear from others, that aren't very biased on their college experience, which is more important, or if there's another part of this "coming to age"...

Alorna’s Avatar
Alorna Mar 19, 2022 774 views

What are the benefits of going to college?

I'm looking to become a Power Plant Operator, and want to get my bachelor's at Mississippi State University in Mechanical Engineering. Would this actually benefit me?

Artrinity’s Avatar
Artrinity Mar 22, 2022 776 views

what helped you decide on your career?

How did you decide?
Was it a hard decision?
Were there any life changing decisions?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 27, 2022 1798 views

How do you limit procrastination?

I think this has been an issue tons of people have because procrastination makes us lose some big opportunities. What are some tips that could help out with procrastination and increase my motivation to work?

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Aug 03, 2022 1109 views

Job seeker with lack of experience

I am applying for jobs and many of them require at least one or more years of experience. Is it worth it to apply even if I lack that experience?

Thank you!

Jenine’s Avatar
Jenine Jan 19, 2018 575 views

If I want to be an English teacher, do I need to double major in Literature and Education track?

#Career decision#double major

Bri’s Avatar
Bri Apr 12, 2018 719 views

What do I need to do to own my own daycare?

One day I want to make a day care that is more convenient for parents who works nights, my mom does work nights and i know how difficult it is for her and me so I want to design something for parents with night shift jobs, along will just a regular during the day daycare. #career

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Jan 26, 2018 818 views

What are some good scholarships I could sign up for?

#financial-aid #college #scholarships