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Wendy Ramirez Attal

Customer Success Sr. Mgr at Dell Technologies
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Marco’s Avatar
Marco Apr 04, 2018 823 views

What colleges are specialized in helping students who don't quite have a career idea?

#help #colleges Just a little confused and clueless about what I want to do.
#undecided #undecided-major #college-majors

Juwan’s Avatar
Juwan Mar 09, 2020 4439 views

On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with your career?

#career-choice #career-path #career-counseling #career

barbara’s Avatar
barbara Aug 31, 2017 1023 views

If you are going to a business major, what language would be best to learn?

I want to travel the world while working. I speak Spanish and English but was wondering what could help in the future.
#bilingual #business-travel #language #business

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget Feb 24, 2017 1430 views

What are some companies that apply the Six Sigma Management Quality technique?

Would like some reference to companies that use this calculation for their processes. #production #operations-management #manufacturing #quality-control #quality-management #six-sigma

Ruheena’s Avatar
Ruheena Jun 21, 2016 1250 views

What are the career choices as a teacher. What is the pay as far as India is concerned

Teaching ambiguity #teaching #teacher #teacher-training #bilingual-teacher

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 25, 2016 1866 views

What would the benefits be if I minored in a foreign language (Spanish for example)? My ideal major is undecided, but I want to better my understanding of the Spanish language (I am currently in a Spanish Class). Would minoring in Spanish be the way to

In today's world it's very helpful, if not essential, to known another language. I want to better myself and be able to interact with more people by expanding my knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. I am unsure if minoring in Spanish would be the best way to help me learn the...

Lera’s Avatar
Lera May 24, 2016 1057 views

What are the benefits to studying abroad?

I would like to know what experiences other former/current university students have had and if they felt that studying abroad was beneficial to them/

Aerionna’s Avatar
Aerionna Feb 09, 2015 4389 views

Is knowing a second language useful in the pursuit of becoming a lawyer?

I am 15 years old. I want to become a lawyer, I am currently taking Spanish. Spanish is become the second language lithe united states and I feel that by know both spanishnand English, I will not be limited to just english speaking clients.

Claudia’s Avatar
Claudia May 07, 2016 1100 views

How much travel is the "perfect" amount?

In the future I hope to work in a position that requires some amount of travel. Based on your experience, how much is too much?
I do hope to start a family in later years. #career #travel