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Wojciech Gradzki

Software System Senior Engineer
Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
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Ryan Sep 23 136 views

How did you start your career in cyber security?

especially digital forensics/related!! really interested in looking into how to get started :)

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Aug 28 88 views

How do you get a part-time job as a college student?

I don't have a lot of experience in my given field, but I am very inquisitive and a quick learner of all things. Unfortunately, neither of those has helped me get a job in data science (current field) or graphic communications (previous field)

Geoffrey’s Avatar
Geoffrey Aug 19 190 views

What should I know as a student planning on entering the industry as a computer science major?

I'm currently a high school junior who is planning on majoring in computer science once I am in college. Is there anything I should know before entering the workforce? Is there anything you want upcoming students to know?

Jeremy’s Avatar
Jeremy Jul 30 156 views

How can I become a part of the Information Technology World?

How can I develop my knowledge of information technology with a concentration in software development and analysis? I'm willing to learn with great listening skills and Adept learning skills. Enrolled at American InterContinental University for my Bachelor's Degree in Science of Information...

David’s Avatar
David Apr 18 146 views

What is some software I should become familiar with if I want to become an IT?

I am working on becoming an IT, but I do not know what type of software I should learn in order to do well in that field.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Apr 12 117 views

How does companies get their idea for the software?

For example, how did TikTok get their idea of the app?

Yaritza’s Avatar
Yaritza Mar 21 214 views

How is the typical day off being a software engineer ?

What are the struggles software engineers go through?

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Mar 22 179 views

What does a Computer Service Technician do on a day to day basis?

I'm trying to get insight on what i would be doing in my career field.

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Feb 01 587 views

characteristics of software

What are the characteristics of software?

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Jan 10 217 views

What kinds of daily challenges do you face as working in Information Technology?

Hello, my name is Raymond and I am interested in working as an I.T. I am asking what kind of challenges people face daily and what kind of solutions are there to learn.

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Jan 10 722 views

What are the different kinds of careers you can get from Information Technology?

I'm not fully sure if there are different kinds of positions or careers that you can work in information Technology. If there are different kinds of positions could you name them for me and give me a description of what else there are?