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Shamma Sep 29, 2023 335 views

Is it better to major in Graphic Design or to independently learn it from online resources?

I want to learn graphic design and develop my skills, but is it worth going to university for it? I've seen a lot of videos about free online resources to learn it.

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Shamma Sep 28, 2023 230 views

How Do I Balance Pre-Class Readings and Questions While Also Taking A Break After Being At University All Day?

I've been developing my time management skills in my second year in university. I have been feeling tired after a long day at university and I want to rest for the next day but I have pre-class readings and questions to do. I have tried doing all of the pre-class readings and questions in the...

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Shamma Sep 28, 2023 715 views

What Are Some Career Skills That Are Essential If I Want To Pursue A Career In The Creative Side Of Marketing?

I have been considering changing my major to Marketing. I heard that there are two sides to marketing (although I know I'm gonna learn about both), the analytical side and creative side. I want to lean towards the creative side of marketing. Some roles I'm interested in: - Brand Marketing -...

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Shamma Apr 03, 2023 593 views

How can we use Chat GPT ethically?

I've only just started using Chat GPT in understanding concepts and ideas that I find difficult to comprehend. I see Chat GPT as a tool in researching information efficiently (maybe not academically) and customizing plans such as study plans, meal plans, workout routine. I think that people can...

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Shamma Mar 30, 2023 949 views

What are some things to consider when choosing a major?

Hi, I have been struggling with choosing a major and the time is getting closer to when I have to decide as I am in university. I decided against taking BA Psychology as I struggle with writing essays. I really love learning about psychology though (not so much the research part but the...

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Shamma Mar 28, 2023 620 views

How to overcome thoughts about "not being productive" during holidays and breaks?

Hi, During the first year of high school, I began having thoughts during winter, spring or summer break about how I'm not being "productive", till now I still get those thoughts and I'm in university. It stresses me out and refrains me from fully enjoying my holiday/break. I'm afraid that these...

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Shamma Mar 28, 2023 537 views

How to deal with being overwhelmed and procrastination in University ?

Hi, I'm a university student, currently taking foundation courses. All my coursework are assignments and essays based. I find that when I think of an assignment that I have to do, I think that the assignment is too difficult and that it will take hours for me to complete it. When I finally get...