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Tiffanie Jul 06, 2016 959 views

What kind of jobs are in the communications field?

I'm a communications major and business minor, since these interests are very general, what are the types of jobs you can find in these fields? #college #career #major #field

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Tiffanie Jul 06, 2016 1136 views

How big of a difference is going to college and not going to college?

I've noticed that high school definitely emphasized the idea of going to college and getting good grades. If you are a person who started their career right after you have graduated highschool, do you have any regrets or wish you should have gone to college? #college #career #high-school #life

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Tiffanie Jul 05, 2016 833 views

Is there a thing as a great career plan?

Assuming you graduated high school, college, and you're moving up, are there any specific steps you had to pass in order to reach your career? I am hoping more than one person would answer so that I can compare the answers and see if there are any similarities and differences. Thank you!...

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Tiffanie Jul 05, 2016 1772 views

How can I lessen my college debt?

funds, funds, funds. Getting education is very expensive, so making it out 4 years in college with debt is a common thing to happen. How can we lessen our debts? #college #career #money

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Tiffanie Jul 04, 2016 1288 views

Do you have to rely on others?

My parents have provided me with so much all my life and presently, I feel so bad for asking them for help on anything. A semester ago I did not have any money at all in my name and when my friends would want to hang out or if I had an event, I wouldn't go. Since I dorm in college, I also did...

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Tiffanie Jul 04, 2016 1085 views

What qualities do you like in a BOSS?

We've all been there where we dislike the manager in our job. So, what makes a manager a good manager? When you are working at a job, what makes you respect this person ? #career #jobs

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Tiffanie Jul 03, 2016 1732 views

How did studying abroad change your perspective?

Going to college, there is an option of going to another country and studying abroad. I want to ask anyone who has gone abroad how their life has changed and how it has impacted the steps you took in the future. #career #money #future

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Tiffanie Jul 03, 2016 1207 views

How can I make my boss impressed ?

I work a minimum pay job, and I want to show my boss that can do well/ better. I want them to know that I am dependable and can do things on my own. How can I impress them? (Considering the fact that the job is a minimum wage job) #career #money #job

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Tiffanie Jul 02, 2016 1269 views

How can I save money?

Working a minimum pay job ($9) and having only 30 hours a week I think is not that much money. I like to spend money which I know is really bad. I need to learn how to stop spending all my money. How can I save money and put it to greater use? #career #jobs #money

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Tiffanie Jul 02, 2016 1455 views

Is there a way not to depend to heavily on money?

This question may be un-attainable to be honest. I wanted to know if anyone out there doesn't rely on money as much. Knowing that our country relies so much on financial aid and currency, how can I rely less on money, if possible? #career #money

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Tiffanie Jun 30, 2016 1246 views

Tips to succeed in life?

Super general, I just wanted to ask if there was something that you have done to impact your life for the better. What made you succeed at what you do, and how did you go about doing this? #career #work #life #success

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Tiffanie Jun 30, 2016 7060 views

What motivates you to succeed?

This is also a pretty general question. In your field of work, whatever you are doing, what pushes you to try and perform better than the other people around you. What's that thing that really inspires you to be the best you? #career #success #motivation #passion

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Tiffanie Jun 29, 2016 1062 views

How can I get better grades?

The question was worded very differently from what I am trying to ask.To clarify, even though I had tried very hard to get a good overall GPA for my second semester in college, I still seemed to get lower than a 3.0 GPA. So, I believe that even when I tried my best I still didn't get the grades...

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Tiffanie Jun 29, 2016 1100 views

Are extroverted people the most successful?

Throughout high school, I noticed that most teachers prefer a student that is loud and opinionated. Me on the other hand, would be loud when it came to talking with my friends and family. Are the students that speak up and talk the people who in the future become the most successful? #school...

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Tiffanie Jun 27, 2016 1273 views

What is the minimum salary you have to get in order to provide for yourself? for a family?

I think that many of us take our homes as guaranteed, especially if our family still supports us. We don't realize how much money they use to support us. So, what is the salary we have to earn in order to live by ourselves? What is the salary we have to earn in order to sustain a family or 2?...