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Chris Aug 07, 2023 365 views

How can I get into interior design

How can I get into interior design

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khamaje Aug 07, 2023 376 views

what are common mistakes in electricians work and how do you combat those mistakes

I am currently in trade school with an interest in the electricians field of work

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Rivers Jul 23, 2023 222 views

How do I apply for scholarships at colleges ?

How do I apply for scholarships at colleges ?

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Ahmed Jul 25, 2023 1332 views

What is required to secure a job interview at publix?

So I've applied online on and have already filled out the application to three stores;two of which of visited once in person and one of those two I've visited twice and called twice to speak to their manager. I'm going to go a third time so I was wondering how I could...

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Vani Jul 20, 2023 243 views

How should one pay off student debt?

I have a lot of questions about college stuff. However, I have answered my own questions through out school. Although I have answered many of them myself, I really don't know how to pay off student loans. So my question is...
How should one get rid off student debt?

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Lily Jul 20, 2023 163 views

College questions?

When should I begin applying for college scholarships? Where should I look to find good ones? What do I do if I'm not eligible for a lot bc of my family's income?