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Blindsay’s Avatar
Blindsay May 23, 2012 35793 views

What major is suggested when persuing marketing and advertising?

In about a few months time I will be applying for college. I am very passionate about marketing and advertising and would like to persue this as a career. I however am confused on what I should major in for my undergrad. Initially, I decided on majoring in economics. After further research I...

Vicrattley’s Avatar
Vicrattley Feb 29, 2012 7099 views

how can i get my business heard of ?

what is a good way for me to advertise my business ? #marketing #entrepreneurship #advertising

Augusta Irechukwu’s Avatar
Augusta Dec 26, 2013 3574 views

Is it possible to just start computer programing once I start college?

I know it is encouraged to start before you enter college, maybe take a class in high school or use free online resources, but can a person become a successful computer programer. Either having the passion for it or not having a strong passion but being a hard worker. #college #computer...

Shailah’s Avatar
Shailah Apr 27, 2012 10953 views

What are the best ways to advertise a t-shirt business?

I am starting a t shirt business where you can put whatever you want for different groups and organizations . What do you think is the best way to get my business known (advertising)? #marketing #advertising #clothing

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Oct 22, 2013 6876 views

What are some ways I can be better at speaking confidently?

Every time I get called on in class or I have to present to the whole class I get really nervous, ESPECIALLY if I have to stand up when I'm doing it!! I tried to speak at home in the mirror to practice because my teacher suggested it but it feels silly. Some of the other students are more proud...