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Gregory Barclay, M.D., DLFAPA, FASAP

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Darlene’s Avatar
Darlene Aug 17, 2023 349 views

what is something that is hard for you to deal with on an everyday basis weather inside or outside of work just in general as an adult, work? taxes? friend? especially as a nurse or doctor can it be hard for you to make other doctor friends??


my computer glitched😭

Reece’s Avatar
Reece Aug 18, 2023 596 views

How do you balance a hobby you love with a career that can support you?

I am about to be a junior at a High school in New York, and most people are expecting me to know what I want my future career path to be. However, for the longest time, I have been on the fence on what I should be doing because the career path I want isn't the most guaranteed to give me a...

Elise’s Avatar
Elise Aug 17, 2023 336 views

Is medical school super hard?

I was just wondering because I want to be a psychiatrist but I’m not sure since I have to go to medical school for that, I’m not expecting it to be easy or anything, but I don’t know if I can handle anything like SUPER difficult lol

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Aug 09, 2023 399 views

Why should I work in the medical field?

Why should I be a doctor?

Binadi’s Avatar
Binadi Aug 12, 2023 684 views

Dental school vs Med school?

I am stuck between choosing to go to dental school or med school. I don't really like the architectural side of dentistry but it is easier to study and it doesn't take long. I do like medicine and I am interested in learning and helping people but it takes a while and I hear doctors have...

Savreet’s Avatar
Savreet Aug 08, 2023 255 views

How can I be successful on my first day of medical school?

I'm starting medical school in the fall and want to know how to put my best foot forward. What can I do to make sure I'm successful beginning on the first day?

Raine’s Avatar
Raine Aug 12, 2023 252 views

How do I become a psychiatrist?

How long would it fully take to be a psychiatrist? I have been wanting to be one for years, but I dont know how long it will fully take with all the different thing you have to do.

River’s Avatar
River Aug 10, 2023 526 views

Major and minor in different subjects?

Is it possible to major in biology and minor in musical theater at a college that offers both of these classes? I really want to go into the medical field but I've been doing musical theater for 7 years and want to keep doing it during college. im even open to considering musical theater as a...