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Business and Financial Operations Occupations
San Francisco, California
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Ahmed Mar 05 864 views

How to secure a junior position to kickstart your career?

If a student graduates, what should the first steps be in order to land a junior job?
Any tips or recommendations?

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Shondrea Mar 04 571 views

What is the most important thing about finding a career?

Like job searching.

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Juan Mar 01 554 views

How do I chose between trade school or college?

What factors should affect my choice?

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Hailey Mar 02 914 views

Which online learning communities would you recommend for computer science and cybersecurity?

Hello! I'm a high school sophomore interested in computer science and engineering, particularly cybersecurity.
⯌ My favorite operating system to work with is Linux!
⯌Additional advice related to comp-sci careers is welcome!

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Alexis Mar 01 554 views

How was the college experience, was it worth it, and was it fun?

I know I wanna go to college, but I don't know if it's completely worth the money.

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Asher Feb 28 417 views

Is there room for humor when working as an actuary?

As an 8th grader humor is a very prominent thing in my personal and daily life. I love to brighten the mood with a joke.

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abraham Feb 29 396 views

How can I be more caring to be more prepared to become a business man?

I'm still in school and want to study business.

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Rylee Feb 15 713 views

how many year do I have to attend college to get a business degree?

I want to do something career wise with business but I need some more information on the topic.

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Natalie Feb 14 578 views

How did y'all choose your major?

I have a lot of different interest and I'm having a hard time figure what route I'd like to go. Do I focus more on what I enjoy or more on what would make me more financially stable in today's world.

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Tyson Feb 15 269 views

how can i find a good career?

how can i find a good correct career for me after high school