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Andrea Apr 09 467 views

How do I land an internship?

I am a senior in college

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Veronica Apr 07 258 views

Is the IB Diploma worth it? Any benefits?

After surfing the internet, I've heard mixed opinions about the IB diploma and its worth. I was wondering if It is worth going into IB and if it has any benefits.

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Mar 01 563 views

How was the college experience, was it worth it, and was it fun?

I know I wanna go to college, but I don't know if it's completely worth the money.

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Mar 01 753 views

What do I do if I dont know what to major in, in the future?

What might be things I can consider/do to help me decide?

Francis’s Avatar
Francis Mar 06 447 views

whats the best advice when looking for a job?

I am a junior in high school that does sports

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Kenneth Mar 16 507 views

Is it difficult to make friends in college when you are commuting?

For college, I am contemplating on if I want to dorm or save money and just commute from home. If commuting to my college classes everyday, what are some pros and cons between commuting and living on campus? Would I be missing out on the full college experience?

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Xander Mar 14 462 views

Do college applications have to be tragic?

Don't get me wrong, I can write about many tragic things that have happened in my life, but that doesn't make up who I am.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 25 352 views

How can i be independent?

I'm in college and then I'm not independent makes me feel like a liability so i want to know how to be independent

shaina’s Avatar
shaina Mar 23 366 views

How can I have a better college application?

How can I have a better college application?

Rihanna’s Avatar
Rihanna Mar 20 295 views

What's something surprising or unexpected about college?

I want to know what to expect

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 22 849 views

How to become a Consultant?

Share your journey & guide aspiring Consultants on their path.

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