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Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Mar 23, 2015 1461 views

What does it take to be an Engineer and what first steps should i take in highschool?

i want to be an engineer. #engineer

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Apr 09, 2015 896 views

What is the highest paid doctor?

I am a high school student thinking about going into the medical field. #medicine

Patryk’s Avatar
Patryk Apr 07, 2015 4237 views

What career is better Civil Engineer or being a business marketing manager?

Hi I am in 10th grade and i am trying to decide between being a civil engineer and business marketing manger. I really like math, but at the same time i like to create and design objects. #math #civil-engineering #marketing-manager

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Jul 18, 2014 1818 views

How can I start building my network in the technology industry if I'm only in high school?

Some of the advisors on this website were telling other students that they should network to get jobs in technology or in finance or in other career fields. I want to try to do that, because I heard it will help me get internships and maybe a job. My family just works in jobs in stores, and we...

Vincent ’s Avatar
Vincent Mar 17, 2014 2359 views

How does one get into the gaming industry?

This career interests me a lot and I want to pursue this career. #gaming

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Jul 21, 2014 1221 views

How difficult or simple would it be for people to find jobs after college?

I'm thinking ahead; I'm going to be a college freshman this fall. Also, I am planning on majoring in Engineering, #undecided on which one. #engineering #job-search #work #general-advice

Ram’s Avatar
Ram Jun 12, 2014 1474 views

What should I study?

Bachelors of Computer Engineering or Bachelor of Engineering In Information Technology? #computer

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Feb 26, 2014 30860 views

What is the equipment needed to make a game. (software, computer systems, artist stuff, ect....)

My friend and I are working on a project for our entrepreneurship class. #video-games #video-game-development #video-game-production

Moy’s Avatar
Moy Mar 05, 2014 871 views

What exactly do computer programmers do?

What is their daily tasks? What is asked of them to be done at the end of each work day?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Apr 08, 2014 1966 views

what are some jobs that computer programmers get offered? how much do they get payed? Is it true that they get a lot of money?

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I was wondering much do computer programmers get make a year. Is this a carrier that as soon as i get out of college i can gets job opportunity that help play off college quickly. #computer #computer-programming #computer-engineer #computer-networking