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Havana Jan 10, 2018 582 views

What are the best colleges for a major in Government/Political Science

I am a 9th grader who is thinking about a career in politics/government. I have the career i want to pursue, I just don't know where to do it. #government #college #college-major #career #political-science #college-major

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 06, 2018 575 views

When is the best time in college to start a job search?

When should I start looking at jobs that will start me in my career? Is freshman year of college reasonable? #career-planning

Inderjeet Singh’s Avatar
Inderjeet Dec 19, 2017 789 views

I completed a B.Sc. in nursing. How do I seek volunteer opportunities in a healthcare field?

The main purpose of writing this is to get experience in volunteering to make my resume strong

#resume #career #healthcare #volunteering

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Nov 02, 2015 3647 views

How can i become a zoo keeper and how old do i have to be

Hi I'm in sixth grade and I'm wondering how can I become a zoo keeper I'm asking this question because I have a hart for animals and I love to help them. If you answer this question in the future I can save animal lives.

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Feb 23, 2018 446 views

I am currently going through schooling for cosmetology and even though hair dressing isn't my first choice I would like to know if it is easier to rent a chair long term or own a your own salon long term?

I have always been interested in different hair styles, but my dream career is Special Effects Makeup ( monster makeup, fake scars, etc. ) I am currently going through cosmetology school to have some experience in another field if that doesn't work out. Cosmetology has so much to offer but hair...

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Jan 22, 2018 375 views

How do you decide what path to go in in the medical field

I aspire to be in the medical field #medicine #college #teen

jose’s Avatar
jose Feb 22, 2018 1092 views

I work for AT&T in retail now, how can i transition to AT&T in IT?

I'm a college senior who is expected to graduate from the Information Technology program in may 2018 and currently I'm an intern as a data quality analyst. I love working for AT&T but i feel like i may have to look else where to get a start in my IT adventure, does anyone have any...

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jan 17, 2018 457 views

Is this the career for me?

I want to be a musician and I know I do, I always have wanted to but I fear I won't be able to actually achieve it no matter how hard I try because it's such a competitive career, I also love art and while I don't want it to be my career I know it'll be my fall back plan. I just want to know...

Janiyah’s Avatar
Janiyah Jan 20, 2018 524 views

How do you turn film into a career?

I want to go into the industry but do not know if I should wait till after school is over and how to get started with the process. #filmislife #career-path #career

phoebe’s Avatar
phoebe Jan 22, 2018 430 views

what is the best for me?

I'm currently in high school ,and i'm not sure what career is best for me. i'm interested in animals,art, the human mind, dissection..uh fish breeding? heh i don't want to be stuck in a office, i want to do something exciting and fun ?
#careerpath #dontknowwhattodo

Reyna’s Avatar
Reyna Jan 18, 2018 1291 views

Is it better to keep doing what you’re good at or to challenge yourself with something out of your comfort zone?

Throughout all of my life, I’ve always gotten stuck at forks in the road: one pathway appearing to be safe and pleasant, and the other looking more like the depths of Hell. The sloth in me is always tempted to just take the easiest paths; however, this doesn’t often lead to the self-growth that...

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Jan 17, 2018 510 views

How do I get a great job after graduation?

After graduating, I've seen many folks get minimum wage jobs, what's the best approach to finding a good paying job? #career-plan