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Akua Sep 27, 2018 400 views

Getting involved at school helps in networking or making connections in the near future. I live off campus. How can I get involved?


Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Sep 15, 2018 507 views

What are some tips for taking short and to the point notes?

I’m nervous that when I go to college I will miss important information because I will be busy writing down everything word for word. If you can give me some tips on how I can write down the important information and shorten my notes that would be very helpful.
#help #college-advice

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Anna Aug 16, 2018 538 views

What is the best way to decide your major when you have multiple different interests?

#majors #language #college #college-major

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Armine Feb 07, 2017 738 views

How can you apply for internships as a college freshman?

Hi, I am graduating high school this year and I wanted to apply for some internships at companies and/or hospitals. I would love to find out about some internships and how I can apply for them. #college #business #career #internships #entrepreneurship #job-search #college-jobs #applying

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Mariah Jun 27, 2018 470 views

What can you do to be successful in life?

#life. What helps