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Vivian Apr 11, 2013 2732 views

Internship in the Science Field

I am a high school senior that is strongly interested in science. Summer is coming up and I was wondering where can I find internship related to medical field. I am interested in anything from doing research, working in the lab, learning surgical techniques, forensic science, or science and...

Doctor Professor Patrick’s Avatar
Doctor Professor Patrick Apr 10, 2013 2564 views

What type of jobs are available for people with a major in chemistry?

I am considering majoring in chemistry and it would be extremely helpful to know the type of jobs in that field. #science #chemistry

BrianneG_af13’s Avatar
BrianneG_af13 Mar 31, 2013 1150 views

What is the best career to pursue if you are interested in medicine and science but also its societal impact?

I was wondering what occupations are the best fit for someone who is interested in medicine and science but not entirely sure if they want to be a doctor, which, to me at least, seems like the most typical career path for these interests. #medicine

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AlexaL_af13 Mar 27, 2013 3545 views

Job as an Engineer

What does the day look like for engineers? #computer-engineer

DejaH_af13’s Avatar
DejaH_af13 Mar 27, 2013 6163 views

How much money does a civil engineer make right out of college?

I am a senior in high school and I am looking into studying civil engineering. I want to make sure that once I graduate and am able to find a job, that I will be able to have enough money to live a comfortable life. #money #civil-engineering #college-graduate

Keith.ruan’s Avatar
Keith.ruan Mar 01, 2013 4323 views

What are possible career options associated with a degree in Environmental Engineering?

So far I know that Environmental Engineering majors can become Energy engineers, Environmental scientists, and solar energy specialists. I would like to know more in depth descriptions of possible career paths that are associated with a degree in Environmental Engineering. I am particularly...

Shatasia’s Avatar
Shatasia Sep 22, 2012 2603 views

Are you most likely to find a career through highschool internships?

I am a sophomore and my school does internships. People have told me that they lead to great careers sometimes. I want to know if this is true. Please help! #internships

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Marla Sep 10, 2012 1929 views

what kind of career are there where you need math?

i'm a sophemore and i'm really good at math. I love math, but i need help finding a career that i like and that involves math. #career-options

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Maicha May 23, 2012 1741 views


I am a highschool junior , what are some tasks that i can focus on to farther in my career as an accounter #accounting

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Msteven May 23, 2012 1847 views

How can I use my acting ability to increase worldly interdependence in terms of exchanging entertainment and culture with other countries?

I have a passion for acting and I wish to help make the world a better place. I am willing to act for films or cultural experiences that allow diplomatic relations with other countries to increase. Increasing dependence an any field, ranging from science and medicine to helping the economies of...

Aisha’s Avatar
Aisha Jan 06, 2012 101233 views

What do computer engineers do ?

I'm a freshman in high school who is interesting in technology/computers and i want to know what this career is and what they do.

AmberR’s Avatar
AmberR Mar 29, 2012 25238 views

What does a computer engineer do on a day-to-day basis?

The answer to this question may be simple, but I want to know if everything would be in a factory or in an office or if it varies depending on the position you're in. #computer-engineer

AmberR’s Avatar
AmberR Mar 29, 2012 1655 views

If I study electrical engineering in college, would I have the skills for computer engineering as a career?

I am a senior in high school, about to make my final decision on which college/university I will attend. One of which only offers electrical engineering as a major, but I know I want to pursue a job in computer engineering. I asked the question to help me in my decision. Would it just be safer...

MichaelG’s Avatar
MichaelG Mar 29, 2012 1617 views

What is the employment rate for students who major in Mechanical Enigneering?

Im a high school senior and I want to know before taking up this major in college. #engineering

TravisN’s Avatar
TravisN Mar 29, 2012 1930 views

What general courses would a successful mechanical engineer take in college?

I am a senior in high school, yet I have little information regarding a career in mechanical engineering. I know that it involves Mathematics and Science, but not a list of general courses I must take in college. It would be especially helpful if engineers involved with mechanics can help me....