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Kylie Oct 24 247 views

What career(s) should I look into?

Hello, I'm Kylie. I'm currently a sophmore, and feel like I should start looking into careers. Though, I don't really know where to start. I do know what I do want in a job, just not very sure what jobs meet my needs. I would love some guidance on where to start! I know I am asking for a lot...

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Esmeralda Nov 10 82 views

How much does a graphic designer make per year and how long does it take to finish a project?

Aproxemently how much do they make and are there any differences

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Oct 20 172 views

What career best align with my interests?

I am in the 9th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passions and interests? At the school, I am most interest in art, computer science and graphic design. What are some career options that best...

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Edd Oct 21 117 views

Should I give up my passion?

I have two passions only. Making Art and making Music. I am a graphic design student who is doing pretty well in college and juggling my Art and Music passions. I am pretty good at both of my passions. Lately someone told me that I should focus only on one passion. There are some youtube...

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Anastasiia Apr 19 321 views

Do you need to take art classes for graphic or web designing?

I am a freshman in High School and one of my favorite classes is algebra, I always was an amazing student with good grades in school, love to design and be creative about all the things but also is very responsible and organized student.

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hailey Nov 08, 2019 311 views

do you have to have a certain degree in order to be a graphic designer?


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Vincent Sep 27, 2019 322 views

What is the pay like for a graphic designer?

Do graphic designers get paid hourly or do they get paid for each project or design they complete for customers? #graphic-design #design