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Beverly, Massachusetts

Within 40 mile radius
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Devin Mar 24 340 views

How should I start a career?

I need career advice

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mya Mar 12 323 views

why won't my small business blow up I realized it about a week ago?

I sell bracelets and I made this website on big cartel for me to make money and I have only got two orders from my friend and my uncle

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Feb 28 1124 views

Do Ivy League schools give scholarships?

My situation financially, is very poor and I probably can’t even afford an undergraduate degree. I’m aiming for a Biochemistry undergrad at the top schools, do they offer scholarships?

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Feb 23 724 views

What classes should I pursue in High School to help achieve my mechanical engineering/business dreams?

I'm currently a freshman in high school but I'm not sure what classes to take and I was hoping someone could help me.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Feb 19 646 views

What are the best online resources for aspiring VFX artists who are on a budget, to learn the fundamentals and go from complete beginner to "job-ready"?

I already have a bachelor's degree in studio art so I am not looking to get into another degree offering program. I am just looking for affordable/free resources to learn the skills/software I need to learn so that I can get a job as a VFX apprentice for some games developer.

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Feb 15 502 views

How do I choose my major if I'm passionate about two different things?

I'm really passionate about film and education, but am struggling on which to major in. I enjoy the education class I'm currently in more than the film theory class I took last semester and feel that it's the reason why I feel conflicted on my prospective major, but I also want to become a...

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 29 652 views

Help! I’m stuck between Med-School and Law, what do I go for?

I’m a freshman in high school, my GPA is 3.96 and straight A’s. I’m in a Medical Careers club and a Mock Trial club at my high school. This weekend I was in a Mock Trial as the defendant’s attorney in criminal proceedings(aggravated assault and battery charges for juvenile male, 17 tried as an...

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 24 588 views

Any strategies for studying Maths?

I’m just not good at maths, any ideas?

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 22 376 views

My math midterms marks were terrible(D+ or C-), I’m in my freshman year of high school, how much will it bring down my GPA?

It accounts for 4% of the total semester grade.

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 19 829 views

What are extracurricular activities, how would that factor into my college application?

I’m lost on what extracurricular activities are, but I’ve done some research and it talks about volunteering? My aspiration is med school, and I want a great profile for the top universities for my biochemistry undergrad. I have also enrolled in multiple competitions for research and projects...

Prathiv’s Avatar
Prathiv Jan 19 813 views

I have a low GPA as a freshman, how would that affect my application to colleges?

I’ve newly joined a high school freshman year, straight after moving internationally. But while adjusting, I realized my GPA is terrible for what my aspirations are. It’s a 3.76 unweighted and I’m nervous it’ll affect my application to college in the long run. Any idea how I can help it?

Babia’s Avatar
Babia Jan 14 438 views

How do I know if the career I am doing is what I like?

I am majoring in Medical Biology and planning to apply for med school. What certain criteria do you need to get into med school?

tamar’s Avatar
tamar Jan 13 678 views

What are some activities, study skills, and internships college freshmen can start implementing to maximize their chances of getting into med school?

I'm really into oncology and research but love working in clinical atmospheres.

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Jan 09 894 views

How to invest at 18?

Currently a college student who knows nothing about investment but would like to learn and start.

Renata’s Avatar
Renata Jan 07 404 views

What are somethings that I must do after my 18th birthday?

There are certain things that I know I should do like getting a credit card, but what other things and how can I accoplish them?

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