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Cumberland, Maryland

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Mustapha’s Avatar
Mustapha Apr 19 317 views

How do I know which is right?

How do I know the right career path for me?
I am sophomore student trying yo navigate through life, Please help with good advices so that I can plan my future.

Tobias’s Avatar
Tobias Feb 21 853 views

What is the best part of law enforcement and what is the most Deturing part?

What makes being on the force most worth the job

bee’s Avatar
bee Mar 26, 2023 976 views

what steps are important for getting involved in the music industry?

Is music school super important?? What's the most important thing for me to do to get involved with music?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Aug 22, 2018 1181 views

Is it better to do paid internships or just a regular job during university?

I'm looking to go to college in New York City, and that can obviously get really expensive, so I was wondering which job option would be better for both experience and pay. #jobs #job #money #career

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Aug 22, 2018 709 views

Which is best to practice when looking for a stable job in New York City, civil law or criminal law?

#business-law #women-in-law #corporate-law #law

Lorna’s Avatar
Lorna Aug 21, 2018 666 views

Are there more job opportunities for physical therapists working with the elderly or with athletes?

Which of the two offer more stability and also, which is more common? #job-market #in-business #physical-therapy #out-patient

Lorna’s Avatar
Lorna Aug 21, 2018 668 views

Is a 3+3 accelerated program for physical therapists really worth it?

Instead of the traditional 4+2 program for physical therapy, some students choose 3+3 because it is one year shorter. However, is the workload too much to handle? #physical-therapist #programs #college #physical-therapy #therapy

Kyla’s Avatar
Kyla Apr 22, 2018 710 views

What are some ways to make money to pay for college?

I plan on working a summer job, but like most teenagers, I have a busy summer. What are some ways you can save up for college?

#college-advice #college #money

Kyla’s Avatar
Kyla Apr 22, 2018 759 views

What are some essentials for studying abroad?

I have read that you should have a luggage bag that isn't black and red, so it's easily distinguishable. But what are some really good tips that you would recommend? What to pack? What your parents can send in the mail? What kind of credit/debit card is most widely accepted? #travel...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jan 19, 2018 549 views

When is the best time to begin taking your MCATs?

I have heard from some that you should begin as early as your first semester of your sophomore year to get a feel for the tests. On the other hand, others say you should wait until you junior year, second semester. Please help! #medicine

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jan 19, 2018 570 views

What is the best method to studying for the MCATs?

I am hoping to attend medical school to become an Otolaryngologist. Getting into medical school can be tricky so I am hoping someone get help me create some great studying habits to increase my changes of getting accepted. #medicine

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 08, 2017 1047 views

What inspires you to write?

I have a difficult time getting inspired. #author

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 08, 2017 685 views

How long does it take to get a book published?

Writing books takes a long time and I want to know if publishing it takes just as long. #author

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 08, 2017 743 views

Is writing professionally something you've always wanted to do?

I'm an aspiring author and I'd like to know other people's stories. #author

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 08, 2017 704 views

Is it more fun to cut or to dye hair?

I want to know personal preference. #hairdresser

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