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Decatur, Indiana

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Hayley’s Avatar
Hayley Jan 17, 2018 758 views

Should I work as a sport Physical Therapist, or as a Physical Therapist in a children's hospital?

I know that I want to be a Physical Therapist but I don't know what kind of job setting I would prefer. I play soccer and I have had the help of physical therapist and they impacted my life so much. I also love children and want to impact the life of little kids and watch them grow....

Brandi’s Avatar
Brandi Jan 17, 2018 686 views

What kind of scholarships are available for music students?

I've been in marching band and show choir 2 years and advanced concert choir a year. I also plan to be apart of 4-8 musical theater productions as well at my high school. Im a sophomore in high school and plan to take music theory class my junior or senior year and am on track to letter in...

Brandi’s Avatar
Brandi Jan 17, 2018 731 views

Can my G.P.A. get me financial aid for school?

I've always been a good student. All A's most of the time. I have a 4.0/4.0 G.P.A and I want to go to college. I am in concert choir, showchoir, and marching band and am working on finding a part time job as I will have to pay for most of my schooling myself. With that being said I really need...

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Jan 16, 2018 740 views

What Does Career Entry After Military Service Look Like?

I'm currently looking at getting a Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineer before commissioning as an Air Force officer. If I were to get out after ~4-10 years, would I find myself at any major disadvantage for when looking for a job? Or would it be better to go for a full 20 years? #military...

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Sep 29, 2017 757 views

Are there any programs avaible that help obtain employement after college?

Honestly, I am scared of being thousands of dollars in debt without a job. I know a few adults who are still paying of their loans, and that is frightening
#employment #debt

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 26, 2016 880 views

Does studying abrod help you when it comes to appying to medical schools or is there something more important I should devote my time to?

I would like to attend medical school once I graduate college, but so many schools have the opportunity to study abroad. I was wondering where it would be best to spend my money. #doctor #medicine #professor #pre-med #phd

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 26, 2016 1137 views

Is studying biology or biomedcial engeneering as an undergraduate beter if I want to attend medical school after college?

I am visiting colleges this summer and trying to determine my course of study in college. I currently want to be either a Orthopedic Surgeon, Cardiologist, or Neurologist. #professor #pre-med #phd #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #neuroscience #orthopedics #cardiology

roniah’s Avatar
roniah May 26, 2016 993 views

What would be the best option; becoming a surgical technician first, then becoming an emergency physician's assistant or vice versa?

Im really stuck on either being surg tech or an emergnecy PA and after weighing my options i dont know which to choose from #pre-med #physician #emergency-medicine #surgical-assisting

roniah’s Avatar
roniah May 26, 2016 734 views

How closely related are Surgical Technicians and Emergency Physican's Assistant? and which college would be best if I wanted to pursue those career fields?

I have narrowed my career choices down to either becoming a surgical technician or an emergency physican's assistant but I cant make a choice because both seem to fit me perfectly? #college #medicine #emergency-medicine #surgical-assisting #pharmacy-technicians

Lalita’s Avatar
Lalita May 24, 2016 824 views

What actions, as a college freshman, would be useful to increase your chances of being accepted into a graduate program?

I am going to be pursing a bachelor's degree in athletic training. Afterwards I will go on to pursue a doctorate's degree in physical therapy. I would like to dedicate myself, early in my college career, to actions I can take to ensure I will be a top candidate for the graduate PT school of my...

Anna’s Avatar
Anna May 19, 2016 823 views

What careers are available internationally relating to education?

I've always wanted to teach overseas. #education

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jan 26, 2016 1312 views

I"m kinda stuck in between 3 different careers. And I"m not sure which one best suits me. I would like some advise on how to choose a career

I'm asking because, this is my junior year in high school and I would like to have one career in mind so I could start looking into colleges that offer that career. #training #hands-on-experience #observational-research

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