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Duluth, Minnesota

Within 40 mile radius
Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 21 607 views

How scary is it being a doctor and knowing that you can't save everyone?

I'm just really curious because I want to be a pediatric oncologist.

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Jul 30, 2023 317 views

What kind of classes and extra curriculars should I be in to have a future career in anything involving CAD for Engineering, Manufacturing, and/or aerospace-engineering?

I was hoping to someday be a Fighter Pilot or Maintainer in the AirForce/Navy or have a career in CAD for Engineering or in Aerospace Engineering.

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Oct 23, 2018 773 views

Do you get residency in the state you go to college in after one year?

I want to go out of state for college, but it is really expensive. How long does it take to get residency and that will make my tuition costs in-state right. #college #expensive

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Oct 23, 2018 660 views

What should I take in consideration when choosing an engineering major?

I want to go into engineering because I love math and science, but I don't know what kind I want to do. Any suggestions or things I should try to figure it out would be great. Thanks. #engineering #engineering #college-major

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Mar 27, 2018 604 views

What is the best way to save while in college?

During college I hope to graduate debt free, but what are some ways I will be able to actually save while in college. What is a good job that would help me gain experience for a business management major?
#college-major #money-management #budgets

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Mar 27, 2018 725 views

What are good ways to gain connections while in college?

I want to be able to affect many people's lives in my future and I believe that having connections is a huge aspect in that. During college I plan to dedicate a great amount of time to my studies and I am hoping to find out what some simple tricks would be to gain connections. #futuregoals...

amanda’s Avatar
amanda Jan 16, 2018 1210 views

Why do some people decide to not attend college?

#college #career #career-choice #higher-education #workforce-planning

amanda’s Avatar
amanda Jan 16, 2018 878 views

Why is it so difficult to find scholarships?

I have been look far/at scholarships for months now and most of them I am ineligible for .


Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jan 16, 2018 745 views

What classes would be helpful to take in a psychology major?

I want to go to college for psychology and I don't know what classes would be helpful to take with this major.
#college-courses #psychology #academic-advising #college-major #picking-classes

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jan 16, 2018 3845 views

What are helpful study habits to use in college?

I procrastinate when it comes to studying for tests. Are there any tips that can make it easier to study leading up to a test, instead of cramming?
#education #college #studying-tips #studying #study-skills #time-management

Grace’s Avatar
Grace May 28, 2016 1168 views

How do I know what degree to peruse in order to follow my planed career path?

I want to go into advertising, but more specifically write and direct television ads and music videos. I would presume I would meed some sort of marketing degree, but do I major or minor in that? Also what do I do as far as the artistic side of it? #college #career #marketing #arts

Grace’s Avatar
Grace May 28, 2016 900 views

Best school for preforming arts?

What is the best school for preforming arts? #arts

Moira’s Avatar
Moira May 19, 2016 852 views

What can I major/do in if I want to pursue a career involving social work and international travel?

I want to help people, that's my interest in social work, and I want to travel. #social-work #international

Moira’s Avatar
Moira May 19, 2016 851 views

What other career fields are open to someone who is looking for an international career besides foreign service?

I want to travel and help people, but also want a steady career. Looking into the foreign the United States foreign service, besides being a difficult field to get into can involve changing locations every four years and I'm not sure that's something I want. #international-affairs

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna May 13, 2016 1700 views

What is the Best Way to Decide on Which Area of Study to Persue?

I am not sure on what I really want to go to college for. Currently I am a junior in high school. I am thinking of going into marine sciences or something with culinary. I've been thinking about doing summer programs to see which career interests me more but they are too expensive to do both....

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